Posted by: Ingrid | May 5, 2010

Technical Dificulties

Back when I was finishing up my half marathon training program and enjoying the specific training runs my plan was to run two half marathons within six weeks of each other.  Then I ran Kalamazoo and decided to rethink my plan.  Plan B involved running the Sunburst 10K instead of the half, with a 5K race as a tempo run in May.  I vacillated between the two options… the lure of potentially cutting a minute or more off my half marathon time balanced with the reality of coming off of a hard run, finishing my Nutrition class, and starting a three mornings a week chemistry class.  All in all, I think the 10K is the best option for me, sad as I am to walk away from a mostly flat half marathon course and potential PR.

That decision made, after a week of low easy mileage I thought I would be ready to jump into week 13 of an 18 week, three quality runs per week training plan that I am considering using if I run a marathon this year (more about that plan in a different post).  I figured since I’d been hitting all of my times for the half marathon I could aim for a 10K between 43:30 and 44:58 and jump right in.

Not.  This is where everyone can laugh at me and point out that a 10K involves running really fast and a half marathon is more about endurance.  Because I set out on Monday to conquer the track and got my tail kicked by what I thought would be an easy 6×800’s at 3:07.  Please, laugh again.  I didn’t make it past 4 repeats and I couldn’t get under 3:10.  This whole “merge the training plans” is proving harder than anticipated.  I went out for my 8 mile tempo run today and had better success, with four tempo miles at 7:03, respectively (but only two of the miles were consecutive) and I think I will at least attempt to come close to following this plan for the next four-and-a-half weeks.  If I can train for a marathon only running 3 days a week while taking care of a baby and taking science classes, that would be great!

I cannot understand, however, how some of you out there run sub-7 minute miles for longer than half a mile without feeling like you’re going to die.  Or is that part of the fun?

Hopefully my technical difficulties are over and my body will now cooperate with the new plan. 🙂


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