Posted by: Ingrid | May 11, 2010

Month Nine: In which he discovers the woman called MOM

Dear Isaac,

Um.  I sort of lost track of month nine.  Not that it was exactly my fault.  You see, I had this almost mobile baby who spent the entire month crying WOMAN!  WHY ARE YOU NOT HOLDING ME! in baby, and that’s my excuse for a woefully short letter.  It’s hard to type when you’re in my arms trying to knock over the computer.  So now you definitely know who I am, but I really think things were easier when you didn’t!  Leaving you with other people was a lot easier when you weren’t looking around to make sure I was still with you and crying at strange men.

It feels like you are very much in between things this month, which may be why, in the grand scheme of things, this has not been my favorite month ever with you.  Just saying.  You’re too big to hang out in your infant car seat asleep and too small to amuse yourself running around the table.  You are just at the stage where all you want to do is crawl towards me (except you can only crawl backwards, so you get farther and farther away and more and more frustrated), grab my legs and put your head in my lap while moaning, “ma-ma-ma”.  Cute?  Sort of.  Conducive to getting anything done?  Not so much.

(As an aside, I just want to note that your father has programmed Word so that when I start typing in “ma-ma” it automatically fills in “mereological aggregates”.  You poor child.  I don’t think you have a chance.)

So this month… you continue to teethe but still only have 6 teeth.  You like to bounce up and down when you’re happy.  You show no signs of wanting to pull yourself up but like it when other people hold you in a standing position.  And you enjoy chewing on your shoes.

As I mentioned before, you can scoot, roll, and do everything short of really crawling but you do a mean mooncrawl on occasion, which is pretty funny for us to watch.  It is not uncommon now, for me to find you crying, in your crib in the middle of the night on your hands and knees.  Crawling nightmares? Maybe.

You are big and strong and I am very thankful that at this point there is a lag time between you seeing the thing you want to grab and actually reaching out to grab it. I still have a few brief moments to thwart one disaster at a time.  And why, for the love of all things good, do you insist on wanting the things you shouldn’t have?  You could have twenty toys in front of you and you would choose instead to go for the pen or the gum wrapper or the power cord.

The house has gotten substantially more messy this past month.  Many times it comes down to me doing the dishes while you unload the Tupperware drawer… so at least something is getting cleaned up.

Your daily discovery of your own mobility is causing me to think that everything that is currently at your level will simply have to be suspended from the ceiling.  I’m just not sure where else it could go.

You are constantly making discoveries about things.  You learned to clap your hands.

You learned that you can grab my hands and make them clap.  You even learned that you can unfasten both Velcro tabs on your cloth diapers and then wiggle around delightedly.

Fun!  Neither of us can discover why your hair insists on growing in Mohawk formation, but that’s okay for now.  Despite the frustrations of this month there are still millions of sweet moments that make me so glad that I’m your mom and melt my heart into a puddle of sappy gooey mush.

Hmmm… You just successfully knocked over the rice cooker and are busy applauding your efforts with great enthusiasm.  I think this letter is done!





  1. oh my, look at those teeth! amazing how similar the development is (despite the constant drone of “babies develop differently blah blah blah” in “What to expect”). La cocotte also went through the going backwards when trying to go forwards (and just got the hang of forwards a week ago) and she learned to clap this month. And she doscovered velcro this month. And my house is a complete mess this month (ok, it always was). And seriously what is UP with the laptop, power chord fascination? I can have 30 toys in the room and she will root and find the one dangerous/forbidden object and go after it with laser-like focus!!

  2. He has a lot of teeth in that last pic – just too cute!

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