Posted by: Ingrid | May 22, 2010

Weird and Random

Today’s random thought came this morning when I realized that today marks the day that Isaac has spent as many days on the outside as he did on the inside.  I thought about this tidbit of information as I ran my eight miles in 59:11 this morning and thought of those lovely pregnancy days when (if I remember correctly) eight miles could take me up to an hour and twenty minutes!

So in honor of my random thought I give you the structure of every good story: the beginning, middle, and end.

Despite the fact that babies are an enormous amount of work I have to say that I much prefer him this way, crawling around the living room and babbling as loud as possible.  Just looking at pictures from around his due date made me think that digital cameras might be an excellent (if not quite reliable) form of birth control.



  1. About your digital camera comment…
    SERIOUSLY. I haven’t quite figured out if people are just lying when they tell very pregnant people that they look great or if there is some magic property that takes over that makes very pregnant women look great that I haven’t yet discovered.

    • It is very very odd. I know that when (most) of the pictures I looked at were taken I thought I looked pretty good. I also saw a very pregnant woman at church today and thought she looked fabulous and had a moment of pregnancy envy… ahh, if only I too could be pregnant on a humid 85 degree day. I don’t think people are lying (usually) but I also don’t know exactly what’s going on!

  2. Laughed at the comments today! 7.5 months pregnant and sitting in office reading your blog with wet paper towel wrapped around my neck trying to cool off. (Our air was broken for a few hours this morning!) If I could get away with stuffing wet paper towel in my bra, I would do that as well, but something tells me that it wouldn’t be work appropriate. Michigan, from 60 to 90 degrees overnight! Blecchhhh

    • Not appropriate, perhaps, but definitely more comfortable! I was not looking forward to the humidity hitting and apparently here it is. We got an unseasonably warm winter which I would almost swear was in my honor… 😛 Maybe we’ll have a non-humid relatively cool summer in honor of you and your last 1.5 months of pregnancy!

  3. At least Kalamazoo is somewhat close to Lake Michigan. My first son was a November baby, so I am really excited to do this whole “summer vacation” maternity leave thing. It will be much easier to return to running. Now I just have to sell an organ or two so I can buy the double B.O.B.
    BTW, I highly recommend South Haven for a fun family weekend trip (or day trip)…since you are new to the state!

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