Posted by: Ingrid | May 25, 2010


I am happy to report that the four seasons are still alive and well in Michigan.  Since this is our first year here I find all of this quite novel.  Changes in the weather?  Really?  How exciting!  It still amazes me that I need to look at the weather forecast because things might actually change.  Those weather people in southern California have the easiest job ever.  “Guess what, folks… it’s sunny and 75 degrees again today, just like it’s been the last 96 days I’ve been announcing the weather…”

The last few weeks we have noticably been rounding the corner from spring to summer.  This means we have made it through three of the four seasons and my initial prediction seems to hold true.  I love fall and spring.  To get all Anne-of-Green-Gable-ish on you, I feel like autumn and spring and I will be very good friends.  I can tolerate winter but would prefer to be gone all of February and I have a feeling that I will be tolerating summer as well.  Humidity, heat, and bugs.  Ew.

Below is this year’s spring portfolio.  I must say that the last time I saw the flower Bleeding Heart was in South Dakota as a child.  It, along with Lillies of the Valley and lilac, was my favorite flower.  In early spring I found a few pink plants behind our house and a few white ones in front.  I never thought that flowers would make me nostalgic for my childhood, but these did!

I have to say though, that the best part of all of the spring flowers has been the fact that I don’t have to water them.  Unlike my house plants, which are in constant danger of either dehydration or drowning, the outdoor plants that get rained on seem to thrive.  Which just goes to show that if God had wanted us to grow plants indoors he would have equipped them with their own mini sprinkler systems.


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