Posted by: Ingrid | June 6, 2010

FIRST Run Less, Run Faster 10K Training Experiment: Week 5

Weekly Mileage: 21 miles

This is the last week of the training program.  I was only supposed to run two days before the race but couldn’t resist going out for a few more miles on Tuesday.  I definitely got results I was happy with at the 10K though.  More thoughts on this particular training plan coming soon!

Monday (Speedwork): 6 miles total.  4×400 meters at 1:31 each.  I managed to come close.  1:30, 1:37, 1:30, 1:30.  It was also quite humid, sunny and hot.  It’s hard to do speedwork under those conditions, at least for me.  I’m glad that it was short!

Tuesday: Not a running day but I did 3 easy miles and rode the bike 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Ran 6 easy miles.

Thursday: Shred dvd.

Friday: Off

Saturday 10K race: New PR of 42:55.  Considering the fact that I was training for a time of 43:35-44:58, I was very very happy!

Sunday: Shred DVD level 3/Walk 2-3 miles.



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