Posted by: Ingrid | June 12, 2010

Month Ten: A New Kind of Exhaustion

Dear Isaac,

You know, I thought I was tired at the beginning when you would go through the wake, eat, sleep cycle a billion times a day, but I’m finding that being a mom to a crawling baby who has decided to wake up and eat several times each night comes with it’s own fun feelings of exhaustion.  By “fun” I mean you can start sleeping through the night again very very soon.  Please.

You are napping right now, which is a good thing for me since you are now crawling like a pro and emptying whatever shelf or cabinet you happen to discover.  Towels, books, and maple syrup all end up on the floor if I don’t keep my eye on you.  Since you started crawling and pulling up at the same time I also need to follow you around to make sure you don’t end up startled and pinned under our trash can again.  How is it that babies come with so little self-preservation!?!

I knew that using cloth diapers could cause you to crawl later and for a while I thought you’d be doing the butt pivot for a few more months but then you figured out the crawling thing and off you went.  Now I wish I’d put some weights in your diaper to keep you still just a bit longer!  Not only are you on the move but you’ve also mastered the skill of picking up tiny objects with your thumb and forefinger.  Hurray for a reached milestone… but picking up moving ants and fuzz from your dad’s socks and sticking it in your mouth does not strike me as the wisest thing to do!

You still love attention and talking to everyone who will listen.  In fact, whenever your dad reads out loud or tries to talk to me across the room you raise your voice and try to talk over him, which I find pretty entertaining.  All sorts of sounds are coming out of your mouth now and you are such fun!

You have also mastered the milestone wherein you are able to object when things are taken away.  You object loudly, I might add.  And you tend to go for the objects (computer cables, cell phone chargers, books, etc.) that you should haven’t.  Plus you’re strong and grab everything in (and sometimes out of) your reach.

One sad thing about this month is the fact that I bathed you once and your mohawk disappeared.

Sad times.  The moral here is obviously don’t bathe your baby.  I miss the mohawk.  For some reason normal hair makes you look more like a little boy and less like a fuzzy haired baby.  You are growing up so fast!

You also discovered this month that you enjoy drinking out of a cup even though you still won’t take a bottle or sippy cup with any consistency.  We are still trying to get you to eat things other than cardboard and ants but are not making great headway.  You can stuff lint in your mouth and refuse to give it up but you look at me like I’m trying to poison you when I give you banana.  Maybe I should dip the banana in lint first?  Or ants?

I have begun to notice this month especially that a lot of baby stories I hear resemble “big fish” stories.  I don’t think people mean to, but whenever I tell a person that you started crawling at nine and a half months I get stories of how their child was crawling at four months and walking at six.  It is very amusing to find that the majority of children seem to crawl (and do everything else, including speak in complete sentences in four different languages) extremely early!

You, however, have documentation now that you were not a two-month-old crawling wonder baby and I don’t mind that a bit.  We have had a great almost ten months of immobility which I will greatly miss.  And I wouldn’t trade you for a whole group of walking six-month-old wonders.  I would especially not trade you for that!





  1. Ingrid! I’m so glad I found you’re a blogger. I am too! I loved reading about your recent race and training and of course the great stories of little Isaac. He draws me in like a bug to the light. 🙂

    I noticed your piano–do you play? I do too!
    I feel like I keep discovering similarities and I just keep wishing we lived in SA. Maybe we can keep in touch via blogs too.

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