Posted by: Ingrid | June 14, 2010

I’m No Doctor

But I’m fairly sure I’ve managed to give myself hamstring tendonitis.  Has anyone else battled this recently and did it keep you from running for a while?  I’m going a little stir crazy already and really want there to be something I can do other than R.I.C.E, which seems to be the recommended cure for almost every running injury out there!  Suggestions?



  1. Are you sure it is tendonitis?

    I had hamstring tendinosis that developed at 10 months postpartum and it took a lot of physical therapy, rest, and strength training to get it to heal. Tendinosis is different from tendonitis, and it usually requires PT. They used iontophoresis (sp?), ice, massage, and strenght training. Apparently, with this type of injury, the body “forgets” about it so they need to aggravate the injury to increase blood flow, then they apply the cortisone (iontop.), and then you MUST rest. It took forever to get it diagnosed correctly, but the big key that it was tendinosis and not tendonistis was the fact that it actually felt better when I was running. They attributed the injury to postpartum/breastfeeding hormones that were still in the system and overtraining…not a good mix. Also, a big time strenght difference between the quads, hamstrings, and calves. Just my personal experience. BTW, awesome job at Sunburst…and I agree that the finish is so fun!

    • Hmmmm… part of my reason for thinking it was tendonitis is that it hurts when I walk around and doesn’t stop when I run (cross training doesn’t hurt at all). When I run it feels like I’m not extending my leg all the way and sometimes my lower leg would feel like it was just going to collapse on me! We don’t have great health insurance, but I know I need to figure out something! Thanks for sharing your experience… I’d never heard of tendinosis.

  2. I should note that PT is usually required because trying to aggravate it on your own to stimulate blood flow can make the injury much worse/permanent if not done correctly. The iontophoresis is patch or cortisone that is applied directly to the muscle, and an electrical current forces it directly into the injured area.

  3. It hurt around the interior side/back of the knee, so that is why it took forever to figure out what it was. But the hamstring tendons wrap around in those locations and if I remember correctly, insert above the calves…I was convinced it was a knee injusry. It also hurt for me to fully extend my leg, and when bending down or standing on that leg (getting dressed), it often felt as if was going to “give out”.

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