Posted by: Ingrid | June 23, 2010

Great Expectations

Isaac turns one in about a month and a half.  I cannot believe that my little boy is getting that big and I am beginning to realize that I have very little time to prepare for The Event.  Who knew that in the thirty years it’s taken me to go from baby to mom things have changed so drastically.  When I turned one I had a cake in the shape of… wait… wait for it… a one.  With white frosting and a yellow candle.  That was it.  Now I’m sure my mom went to great pains to be sure that the cake was made with whole wheat flour and no processed sugar and iced with real cream cheese icing that I still to this day could eat by the spoonful.  But as far as elaborate birthdays go, my first wasn’t anything special.  And you know what?  I don’t remember it at all!

But something has changed and I’m not sure that it’s for good.

Now I have never decorated a cake but thought that it might be fun to do that for Isaac’s birthday.  So I went to my friend Google and asked for “first birthday cakes.”

Like this?

Or this?

Or perhaps one like this?

Not only do these cakes call for things I’ve never heard of, much less own, but they also seem to assume that you will be hiring a babysitter for twelve hours the day before your child’s birthday so you can work on the cake.  I can’t even read some days, let alone roll out and painstakingly arrange multi-colored fondant shapes.  Do people really do this?

I suppose the upside to making a cake like this when your child is one is that you will be amply prepared to create the wedding cake twenty-six years down the road.  But seriously, if you do something like this for a birthday your baby will never remember, what do you make for them when they actually care?



  1. Yikes! I think I’d call my friendly, neighborhood bakery, myself 😉

  2. I think it is the same mums who bake these… cakes (?) and will tell you their son walked at 7mth, counted at 9 and read for their first birthday… all things I am sooo gald my own little one is not doing. The said little one is, by the way, apparently pretty much exactly Isaac’s age, and I love reading your posts, because they seem to go through the same phases at exactly the same time… which gives me an idea: what about I stop writing his blog, and just insert a link to yours…

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