Posted by: Ingrid | July 13, 2010

Sometimes it takes a vacation

I really didn’t think that I was going to be THAT mom.  The one who didn’t want her child to have sugar until he was five and who really only wanted healthy foods entering her child’s body for the first couple of years.

All it takes is a vacation to have food scruples like that beaten out of you.  I forget how many baby-raising opinions there are and that the fact that Isaac hasn’t shown a whole lot of interest in food and that we are still mostly nursing would really throw some people off.  It’s just weird having people give food to my baby in an order that I wouldn’t necessarily prefer.  Not that I can talk, since we did leave a trail of puffs from the Detroit airport to Oakland, but still.  Makes me feel like I did six months ago when I stopped at an apartment to pick up baby stuff and the guy told me that they gave their children dum-dum suckers when they were four-months-old AND THEN PROCEEDED TO STICK ONE IN ISAAC’S MOUTH.


Who gives a fourth-month-old candy, anyway?  It was all I could do to not comment on his candy choice being a perfect pick for his awesome parenting skills.  Because how do you follow that up with Thanks for the free stroller, baby-food, and clothes!?

I can’t believe how many choices and decisions there are, even as a new parent.  I also can’t believe how often things don’t go as you plan.

By the way, we made it through the first day of flying incident free.  Not that I would take a job requiring me to do that full time or anything, but it was okay.  Now if I could just get Isaac onto the right time zone and not waking up four times a night we’d be set!



  1. Glad your flying went OK. There’s one less thing on your list of worries! You can do it! Anyway, I have the same irky feeling when people offer my 10.5 month old candy/ice cream/cake. I am able to control my distaste for the idea most times, especially since I know that no ill intent is meant. I just limit the quantity (to a single bite) and just keep telling myself that breastmilk is an incredibly sweet and sugary substance in itself, so it’s not such a leap. The artificial colors and flavors in some of that crap may never sit right, however, I fear.

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