Posted by: Ingrid | July 19, 2010

No place like home

Ahh… if only home were a few clicks of the heels away.  I cannot believe that our ten days in California has come to an end.  Just one day of travel (Just?  Ha!) and we will be home.  At Christmas, when we made our trek out to California I felt like we were coming home when we got off the plane in snow covered Detroit.  I don’t know how quite to express how much more I feel that this time around.  I guess traveling out here this summer has helped me see that although I miss family and the friends who are still in state (and there are fewer and fewer each time I return) I don’t really miss California at all.  I suppose if someone paid me to live at the beach I would be missing it more, but such is not the life we led before moving.

It didn’t hurt that California had a hot spell just when we arrived.  All hopes for cool breezes and June gloom were not honored in the least.  Give me Michigan’s humidity… at least everything around is green and we have hope that it will cool off before December!

So all that to say that we will be home in less than twenty-four hours!  I have loved seeing family and friends (and I have been going non-stop seeing people) but, introvert that I am, I am really looking forward to getting home, getting back on a schedule (Oh Glorious Schedule!), and not seeing every single friend and family member and friend within a ten day span.

Isaac has taken to crying whenever I open the back door of the car, proving that driving almost the length of California really was just a bit much.

Home!  I’m going home!


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