Posted by: Ingrid | July 23, 2010

Eleven(ish) Months: How Time Flies

Dear Isaac,

First, I apologize for whatever annoying thing WordPress keeps doing with my layout that I don’t have time to fix.

I had such good intentions for your eleventh month and then BAM, California happened and just like that you’re almost eleven-and-a-half months.  Almost a year old!  I cannot believe that you are going to be that old or that you are as big as you are.  All of the new things you started doing on our trip are blurred with the month before, but then, I’m finding that lots of life with a baby is a blur.

You are Mr. Personality and are almost always in motion, usually with your mouth wide open.

If this were a different generation I would ask if you were trying to catch flies, but instead, I get photo after photo of you grabbing something with your mouth agape.

You are not a huge fan of your baby toys now, preferring instead to play with things like the salad spinner

and the light switch.  You love lights and fans and could happily watch them for as long as your short attention span will allow.  You would also like very much to play with our computers, cell phones, and any random cord or cable that’s left in sight.  Your most coveted “toy” however, is the refrigerator.  You want only to stand there and empty the entire contents of the fridge onto the floor.  Even when I open the door when you are in the other room you still hear the noise and come thumping (you are a very heavy-handed crawler) in, only to pull up and sob hysterically when the door closes.

That’s one thing that has astounded me this month, the fact that your will and your opinions are starting to come out.  It used to not matter if I moved you or took something away.  Now you cry and squirm and throw yourself backwards, a rather unfortunate choice due to the size of your cranium.  We are trying to teach you what no means but I think you have it confused with the “I’m going to get you” game, which means that you grin at us and carry on chewing up the laptop cable.

You have a good deal of mischief in you, it appears, and can often be seen flashing a toothy grin that screams trouble while making my heart melt at the same time.  Now that you crawl and pull yourself up like a pro you have also started holding on with one hand while waving with the other – walking must be around the corner!  You are also seeing just how many things you can get your hands (and your mouth) on.

I am amazed and alarmed at the small objects (fuzz, ants, spiders) that you seem to think should go in your mouth – especially when the ants are crawling across our floor!  You are also innovative and have learned that you can carry something with you in your mouth when you crawl which makes you look like a puppy trotting around the house.

You love being chased and shriek with delight when we crawl after you, you love music and have your own version of singing that you do on occasion.  You also discovered the motor boat sound this month and for three days went crawling around the house going BRRRRRRRRRRR.  You are forever babbling da-da-da-da-da.  That appears to be your happy sound, while ma-ma is reserved for times of frustration and distress.

Da-da is a broad word, which you apply to your dad, the car, the light, and sometimes the wall.  There is never a dull, quiet, or still moment now that you are on the go.  Not until you are soundly swaddled and sleeping, at which point I get to collapse in front of the computer and try to write belated updates.

Only two more weeks and you are a year old!  How crazy!





  1. The lifejacket pic? Gorgeous!!!!! He looks like the happiest little guy – I can’t imagine him crying over a closed fridge door 🙂

  2. oh my goodness, i hear you! the fridge is an absolute obsession. and yes, no longer can i get away with simply taking the knife/power cord/scissors/other dangerous object (why do i have so many scary things lying around anyway???) out of baby’s hands – there is always a fuss now so i am learning to NOT leave things in temptation’s path.

  3. I’m sorry – but there is not a single photo in which this child does not look cute or have a unique expression on his face – he’s gorgeous! Can’t believe it has been almost a year!

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