Posted by: Ingrid | July 29, 2010

Words fail me

Last year as we were preparing to move to Michigan I was told that the annual church garage sale was coming up.  If we needed anything I was told to let them know and they would look for it.  A garage sale that raises money for missions, I thought.  That’s nice. Good for them raising a few thousand dollars.  Later on I was told that the sale made $27,000.


Well, that totally blew my mental image of a nice little yard sale out of the water.  I don’t even have words for a garage sale (GARAGE SALE?  It really seems to need all caps.) of such epic, such gargantuan size.

This week is GARAGE SALE week, and having volunteered during nap time yesterday to sort through the linens as donations came in I was once again absolutely floored.  The entire gym is filled with clothing, home and kitchen stuff, linens, candles, holiday decor… there are rooms for toys and antiques, baskets, and frames, and an enormous room for books.  Then there is the furniture and big stuff outside… this isn’t your ordinary sale, this is a town event staffed by a ton of volunteers.  I was quite amazed.

Never in my life have I seen anything like this sale.  Today is pricing day and tomorrow the sale opens and runs for three days.  I am almost tempted to brew some coffee and just watch people as they swoop down on the items tomorrow.  Talk about prime people watching time!  One of the beautiful things about volunteering is that you can pull out what you want as it comes in and purchase it before the sale.  While I was a little sad to not find clothing I was hoping for (women’s clothes size 0-4 and boys clothes 12 months through 2 years were noticably lacking) I was able to find a few things for Isaac.

I was quite happy with some of the things I found.  A heart shaped waffle iron, various table cloths and cloth napkins and place mats, cake pans, a bundt pan that I’d been eyeing at Bed Bath & Beyond that was $19.99.  Some of the things (like a Christmas table runner) I didn’t even know I needed until I saw them.  Such fun!

Then there were kids books and the Slim in 6 DVD that I’d heard about, and Bend it like Beckham, which I love, and some Christmas music.

One of my happiest moments was finding Alphabet magnets, wooden building blocks, and a start to our Duplo collection in the toy room.

Isaac loved the magnet purchase even though his current skill set leaves me to pick up all the scattered magnets.

The best part about all of this?  It cost me $20 total AND I didn’t have to stand in line on opening day tomorrow.  I have a feeling that this annual sale and I are going to become very good friends in the years to come!



  1. Bend It Like Beckham! Now I cannot be ashamed to comment on this blog that I went to see that move 4 times while it was in theatres!! I loved it. And not surprises byt he garage sales – a lot of people are professional garage sale groupies and will show up 2 hours before an event just to be the first there – and not an iPhone 4 in sight 🙂

  2. a garage sale that rakes in $27,000! i should come take notes.
    i love slim in 6. i think you’ll love it too. watch out. you might not be able to climb stairs after the first workout or two.

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