Posted by: Ingrid | August 4, 2010

Getting back on the horse

Or back into the running shoes.  Or something along those lines.

After thinking about my fears regarding restarting an official training plan I decided I might as well ease back into it and face my fears rather than wondering repeatedly whether or not my leg is going to be okay.  Since I am ten weeks out from the Falling Waters Trail half marathon, I pulled out my training plan from February that I used for the Kalamazoo half.  I have so far made it successfully through the first three out of five days, two of them being a somewhat modified version of speed work and a tempo run.  I went back to this plan because I really miss getting in 30-35 miles per week and running more than three days

I am a little sad that I’m not as fast as I was.  The speed work for the week called for 5×800’s at what would have been about a 6:30 pace for me.  I only did three and clocked 3:39, 3:37, and 3:32 respectively.  But nothing hurt and at least I did it!  I did slightly better on today’s four-mile tempo run that I was supposed to run around half marathon pace (which I would like to be around 7:20-ish).  I finished in 30:37 and remembered again why short distances are hard for me… it really takes time for me to get into the swing of things!  My mile times steadily dropped: 7:58, 7:42, 7:30, and 7:27 as I ran.  It felt so good be actually pushing the pace again.  I have missed that!  I guess I will continue stretching, icing, and running and just see how things go.  Who says I can’t be flexible (when forced)?

Running song of the day: Savin’ Me by Nickelback



  1. I feel the same way as you…I got injured which ended up being plantar fascitis and I am a bit nervous about building back up the mileage and risking re-injury. Good luck with your training plan and upcoming half-marathon.

    By the way, how do you manage to run 30-35 miles a week with a 11+month old? I have a 10+month old daughter and finding time to run every day is challenging!

    • Well, I’m trying to go back to running 4-5 times per week and cross train on the other days. My husband usually goes into work at 9:45 (sometimes earlier if he has a meeting. Isaac wakes up at 6:30 and goes back to sleep for a few more hours so I wake up, feed him, and then run. It’s working out well so far!

  2. oh, that is great! My daughter finally started sleeping until 7:00 making an early morning run possible!!

    Anyway, not sure if you like Yoga at all but I found it has really helped with my injury. I am terribly inflexible but it has helped so much with my injuries…particularly if you were having trouble with your hamstrings.

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