Posted by: Ingrid | August 6, 2010

Bye, Bye, Bye

This might be the only time in my life I sing a boy band song to my son and encourage his participation.  Not that boy bands are my typical musical fare, but as Isaac has been cultivating the art of saying goodbye, I immediately had whatever band (N’Sync, it turns out – I googled it) singing Bye, Bye, Bye as the new soundtrack in my head.  In this case, I know almost as many words as Isaac can repeat, which means the song goes something like:  Hmhm hm hm hmhm ain’t no lie baby, bye, bye, bye.  Super annoying.

But also funny because Isaac will then parrot back, bye-bye-bye, while waving his hand.  Except for some reason our son, born in California and growing up in Michigan, has decided to put a southern spin on his farewell.  Bah-bah, y’all.  Or sometimes just, Ba-ah-ah-ah-ah.  Like there is some sort of prize going to the person who can most impressively extend the monosyllabic word, bye.

Now if I could just get the soundtrack out of my head!  It reminds me of the two weeks I spent in Mongolia working with some teachers on their English and they asked me to teach them traditional American songs.  What they meant by “traditional” was anything by the Back Street Boys.  And that’s how I ended up using I Want it That Way to help them work on the “w” sound.  A moment I am not terribly proud of.

But enough about boy bands… I was really thinking about baby verbal skills.  We went to California mid-July and Isaac came home not only saying mama and dada but also saying bye-bye and waving, sometimes saying hi, sometimes identifying and saying baby, and getting very excited over dogs which he referred to as “goh-duh” (if you reverse the syllables it almost works).  It is the most amazing thing watching him not only make sounds while gesturing emphatically with his hands, but also hearing him saying actual words.  It never gets old!  I think we’re still going to try some basic baby signs, but I’m getting the impression that he would rather say the words than sign them.  What a fun stage!


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