Posted by: Ingrid | August 10, 2010

Month Twelve: Happy Birthday to you!

Dear Isaac,

I cannot believe that a year ago you had just come into our lives.  All of those hours of labor and suddenly there you were with your perfect face and skinny little legs.  You were ours to love and take care of and I still can’t believe that they let baby novices like your dad and me out the door of the hospital doors!

So here you are, a year into your journey through life and I’m getting all sappy and sentimental because retiring the massive What to Expect Your First Year is just one more sign that you are growing up fast.

You are delightfully verbal these days.  You yell bah-bah to everyone, whether they are going or not.  You let off strings of sounds: duck-ah-duck-ah-duck-ah and a sort of Flinstonian daba-daba-daba-daba complete with animated hand gestures.  Quite funny.  You make interaction a joy and a mission.  Wherever you go you try to catch people’s eyes and talk to them.  I see many unasked for conversation in my future, thanks to you!

You are never without expression.  Every picture I take of you seems to capture yet another emotion – most of them happy.  You are king of flashing an enormous grin – one that shows all of your teeth – before happily going back to whatever you were doing originally.

You are not walking yet but you began cruising around the room with the assistance of furniture when we visited California.  You do plenty of damage that way and always manage to reach higher and farther than I think you can.  You often will sway back and forth when music plays – your own version of dancing, and you are constantly on the go.

Your sleep since coming back from California has been a dream, pun intended.  Down between 8:00 and 9:00 and awake around 6:30 am, only to eat and then sleep for another couple of hours.  I love it!  Your napping is a little weird but these uninterrupted nights almost make up for it.  Your signal that you are finished sleeping is to open your door (it won’t fully shut and you have learned that you can eventually pry it open).  This has startled me more than once when I thought someone was breaking into the house.

You make as much of an entrance as you can without leaving your crib, flinging open the door and talking loudly.  At that point the extent to which you have destroyed your crib: pulling apart your mobile, eating wipes if I left the container open, and grabbing everything within reach of your crib slats, gives us some indication of how long you have been awake and makes us grateful that you can’t get out!

As happy as you normally are, you have become just a tad clingy the past few weeks.  You happily play by yourself and read a book (preferably upside down) for a few minutes before you suddenly are trying to climb up my knees to be held.  It’s hard to resist since you have recently started wrapping your arms around my neck and hugging me when I pick you up, but it is awfully hard to get anything done!

You like lots of things: books, which you now pretend to read to yourself, detaching the Velcro on your diaper and trying to get away with being naked, watching people and trucks pass our house, and hearing The Wheels on the Bus with as many verses as possible. (You really have no idea how many things are on that bus until you discover that your baby crying in the backseat quiets down when you sing that particular song.)  Your two favorite discoveries of late have been dogs (the bigger the better) and other babies.  I took you to a friend’s house the other day and you and Zach, who have seen each other for months now, suddenly looked at each other and were like: Dude!  I can play with you.  I didn’t realize you were a person before.  Wanna crawl? And off you went, just like that.

After a year of constant changes I have to say that motherhood is the best and hardest, most frustrating yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I have seen you grow from a helpless little baby to a little boy stretching out towards toddlerhood with all sorts of things yet to be discovered.  I hope you get to discover them all… unless they involve the light sockets that we final covered up and the bookshelves that have yet to be attached to the wall.





  1. Happy Birthday Isaac!!

  2. Happy Birthday Isaac! Well done Mum!

  3. Happy Birthday Isaac – seriously . . could this child be any more photogenic? Enjoy!

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