Posted by: Ingrid | August 11, 2010

Green Light!

Today I met with one of the sports/exercise professors at the university across the street so that she could take a look at my running gait and determine of there are any glaring problems that indicate that I should take time to really work on changing my stride.  Having never run track or had coaching of any kind I realized once I got there that I was nervous!  I was really scared that she was going to tell me that I needed to change everything, that she couldn’t believe I was running at all with my current form.

In reality, she got me on the treadmill, set up her little tripod and camera so that she could later run the video through a new program that she’s getting, and had me start running.  I warmed up, ran a little, adjusted the incline, picked up the pace to a sprint, and then cooled down.  It was so strange looking at the footage (lower angle shots=totally unflattering), but once I got over being self-conscious I could see when she’d point out that my right leg was stronger than my left.  Overall though, her verdict was that I had really good natural running form.

Huge sigh of relief on my part!

I’m so glad I started training for the half marathon last week.  I think I will also try to do a 5K between now and then if all goes well and maybe a Turkey Trot in November before running closes down for the year (Not really, but I don’t want to race in ice and snow.)  I can pick up racing again in the spring.  In some ways it’s nice to have a built in rest period while in others I wish we could have year-round good running weather.

My job now is to work on strengthening my glutes and hamstrings and try to incorporate some flexibility training as well.  I can do that!  Hopefully this will serve to remove the mental barrier I have that tells me that I’m just going to get hurt over and over again and there’s no sense in trying to train.  I have to say, hearing I have good running form totally made my day!



  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to have my gait analyzed. Awesome! I knew you must have had a good one, or you wouldn’t be able to run so fast 🙂

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