Posted by: Ingrid | August 24, 2010

Project Thank You

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a little tired of picking up the cheap (and they never are very cheap it seems) packs of cards at the store after birthdays and other events that require thank you notes.  One thing I was glad we did a few days before Isaac’s birthday was a little art project.  Now I know that doing hand print art with your child is not original but it was a lot of fun despite the limited attention span I was working with!

All we needed were blank cards and envelopes, a tube of washable paint and a black marker.  I really liked the fact that he got to “thank” people himself since he’s not at the drawing stage yet and they were ready before the party happened so I didn’t need to go run to the store the day after in search of generic cards.  I thought it came off pretty well, considering Isaac would have rather painted the walls (or himself) instead!



  1. Oh, those are so cute! What a nice way to thank your guests.

  2. You are so ambitious. I would never have attempted this. You go! They are so cute.

  3. So fun! My boss’s wife did this for both their daughters and I loved getting them!

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