Posted by: Ingrid | September 10, 2010

Still Running

Yesterday morning Isaac woke me up at 3:30 am. As I emerged from the fuzziness of my dreams I realized that I had been dreaming of something that involved ATP production and stratified squamous epithelial cells. My brain started throwing words at me as soon as my eyes opened: Ribose! Chromatid! Polypeptide bonds! Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium! The combo of lecture and lab for A&P make my brain hurt. The crazy thing about this is that plan A for our lives until we moved to Michigan involved me taking this class while working 30 hours a week and mothering a newborn. I cannot imagine what I was thinking! A year later it’s a big challenge. Then… it would have been absolutely horrible.

Despite the fact that my free time has become a lot less free thanks to the all-consuming nature of A&P, I have managed to continue my training schedule. I am signed up for the Jackson Family Fall Festival 5K coming up on the 25th and then am planning on running the Falling Waters Half Marathon on October 10. My deep-down goal is to PR in both but I am really using the 5K as part of my training for the half. No really, I am!

I guess part of my reasoning for wanting to do well in both events is that I really would like to justify my desire to take “time off” for winter. I don’t mean I want to stop running, I just want enjoy running as the weather conditions get nastier. Winter with its ice, snow, and wind is not the best time to PR and I think it will be a nice break if I just enjoy my runs and not stress over the conditions outside and feel pressure to train for the next thing. I would like to keep my mileage up with some fast runs here and there but to not really train for anything. I figure that I eat differently when the seasons change, why not run differently too? If there’s any time to rest and pull back it’s winter and that is my goal this year, to intentionally ease up on my running rather than being forced to because of an injury. We’ll see how that plays out in reality.

But the short of it is that I’m still running and vaguely following the program I used for Kalamazoo last Spring. I’m finding that both recipes and training plans are open to revision the second time around. I am doing my best to try to follow the plan but am tweaking it weekly (sometimes daily), it seems. We’ll see if I make any progress at all when it comes to running. It does not seem nearly as exciting this time around.

Following the same plan has also felt a little discouraging, and I’m just now figuring out why. Last time I did tempo runs and speedwork on the treadmill for the first five weeks (because of the snow) which is always easier than running outside. On top of that, when the plan called for certain paces I estimated 7:30 for HMP, 7:20 for 10K pace and 7:15 for 5K pace. Now that I have numbers to work with to try and get to a 7:20-7:30 goal pace I have to fill in 6:49 for 10K and a little less than that for 5K. Voila! Suddenly my runs got a lot more challenging and it’s harder to keep the pace. I suppose this is the logical conclusion of running decently in some events, but it’s not very encouraging! I only have to survive a month longer though. I can do just about anything for a month. 🙂

Running Song: Nickelback: What if Today Were Your Last Day

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