Posted by: Ingrid | September 25, 2010

Blog problem fixed!

I cannot believe that I have been having blog problems and have been mostly unable to access my blog for three weeks!  And I have no idea what happened to solve the problem (whatever it was).  But today I checked without hope and everything loaded beautifully!  Hurray for slow technology… I’m glad it managed to heal itself.  Or something.

I missed blogging.  I missed having a space for thoughts and words and running and any other trivial detail of life.  Even though I told myself that I could still write in my journal (Yup.  Still keep a journal though not as religiously as when I was 9 years old.) it’s just not the same.  There is something about coming here and trying to craft (or sometimes just get something out, depending on the time I have) my words into something that takes the mundane, silly, mostly inconsequential things of my day and makes them more meaningful and solid.  Not that I need to write about something to make my life matter, of course, but I think sometimes in the writing and thinking about something I come to value it more.

Whatever the case, I am gloriously glad to see this screen on my computer again!  And now I need to get ready for the disappointing 5K that’s coming up this morning.  I was really looking forward to it until I discovered last night that it’s all over hills when I was wanting a PR.  As a consolation prize, however, the goodie bag was the first I’ve gotten that contained a pair of socks and a journal…

Oh yes, Isaac the bath monster wanted me to tell you hi. 🙂

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