Posted by: Ingrid | September 25, 2010

Fall Family Festival 5K: Sometimes “good enough” is great

Can I just say that I love these tiny small-town events?

Today’s field of runners and walkers was somewhere around 100 people.  And really, considering the fact that it was cold and windy and horribly hilly, that’s a decent showing.  It was also the first time the Jackson Fall Family Festival did a 5K as part of their weekend events.

I drove the course last night and cried.  Now, I don’t normally cry over hilly courses, but I felt like I had so much riding on this last 5K before winter and seeing all the hills on top of feeling very tired all week was incredibly disappointing.  Next time I will pre-view the course before signing up and also wait until later to register so that I can check on the weather!  Plus, in the original plan this was supposed to be a fun group activity with several friends getting together to run the event at our respective speeds.  Problem was, I committed and then everyone else backed out.

So it was cold and windy and I kind of hoped I would wake up feeling sick so I could just not go.  Instead, me and my cheering squad headed out for the 10:00 am start.

I was right.  It was hard and hilly and the wind was in our faces a good portion of the time.  I don’t know who came up with this course but it was either a non-runner or a runner with a chip on his or her shoulder (“when I was a runner I did 5K’s in the snow, uphill, both, ways, and it never took more than 13 minutes flat!”).  Despite the odds I felt like I gave it my best and I set a new PR for myself: 20:36.  I did not get the long-coveted under-twenty-minute time that I was secretly hoping for, but since I knocked 35 seconds off my time in May (under ideal conditions) I feel like I can confidently say that I’ve gotten faster!

The best part about running with such a small crowd was the fact that I came in third overall and was the first women finisher.  They had an award ceremony but the cold wind and Isaac’s leaking diaper took precedence.  Fortunately I have a fantastic husband who thought that we needed to go out to breakfast to celebrate.  I love that man!

I’m so glad to be done with 5K’s for the year!  Hurray!  Now, on to the half marathon in two weeks…



  1. wohoooo! awesome! if you improved by 35 seconds and your new PB is 20:36, it sounds like you are just about one race away from a sub-20. Sure you don’t want to squeeze in one more 5 km this year?

    • It is tempting. I guess I’m a little afraid that I will just get slower after my half marathon in a few weeks (though of course that’s not necessary!). Partly it involves finding a 5K nearby in late October where the course is flat and the weather is good. You know how tricky weather can get in late fall in this part of the world! 🙂 But I suppose I am keeping my options open because that would be very nice closure for running in 2010.

  2. Amazing time!!

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