Posted by: Ingrid | September 28, 2010

Linguistic Simplicity

It all began with goodbye.

Say bye-bye, Isaac, we said, while flapping our hands.  And he did, except it was bah-bah and sometimes, on a good day, byyyeeeeeee.  That made sense, as did his word for strawberry, which, coincidentally enough, was bah-bah as well.  (And it’s such a shame that berries get so expensive in the winter because he now associates the removal of tupperware from the fridge with strawberries and cries when it’s not what he was hoping for.  Whoops.)

But then baby ended up  sounding like bah-bah as well, which leaves you with really weird sentences like: The bah-bah will eat bah-bah and then go bah-bah. Context, context, context!

Of course, ball is bah.  But then, bird, bath, book, and bed all seem to be awfully similar.  So does nurse, for that matter, though he helps me understand by trying to pull my shirt up (is that what they call baby sign?) in case I get confused.  Perhaps this is a complex tonal language and I should pay more attention to his intonation?

Please, oddly enough, is also bah.  He can be yelling for something from his high chair but will stop when we ask him to say please.  At which point he looks up at us and says sweetly: Bah? And really, it’s not like I’m going to tell my 13 month old that he can’t have whatever it is he’s wanting because his please didn’t come out right.

Welcome to the Land of Bah, where one word is the key to the whole language.  Or perhaps it is the whole language.  I’m hoping that there are more sounds in there just waiting to come out because this linguistic world that Isaac is living in is getting confusing!

Of course, this is also the world where dogs say: Ah!  Ah!  Ah! and apparently so do squirrels, elephants, and tigers.  Why am I not surprised!



  1. Ha! Love it.

  2. Caitlyn is in the land of Bah too. It’s amazing how you can understand so many versions of Bah 🙂

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