Posted by: Ingrid | October 1, 2010

Heavy heart and few words

I am typing on the computer while Isaac angrily refuses to take a long overdue nap.  As I sit here I contemplate how much being a mother has changed how I hear everyone else’s story.  Things that were  sad once upon a time I now find absolutely heart-wrenching simply because of how being a mother has changed my view of the world.  Simply by existing Isaac has opened a part of my heart to the hurts of others.  It’s hard not to hear stories or read the news and think: what if that were my child?

For a little over a week I have been following baby Ewan’s fight to survive.  I went to school with Ewan’s mom, but since I was a year behind her I never really got to know her.  I found her blog through a friend a while back and have followed her blogging from marriage to pregnancy to the diagnosis of Ewan’s heart problem.

Ewan has been in my thoughts as I wake up, as I run down country roads, as Isaac throws himself into my arms, and even as he refuses to take a nap by “barking” noisily in his crib.  It hurts to think about it, it touches too close to my life as a mother, but it’s on my heart and running through my mind.

If you are a praying sort of person, please lift up Kirsten, James, and baby Ewan as he fights for his life.



  1. Yeah, it has got to be so hard to have a little, suffering baby :(. I hope there is success in finding a sugery that gives Ewan a long, happy life.

    I have just been catching up on my favorite blogs and I wanted to congratulate you on your awesome 5k – a win and a PR. Too cool! Now go out at buy that Chewbacca outfit. I think it would look quite good on you ;).

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