Posted by: Ingrid | October 6, 2010

Ice cream knows no season

Unless you live in Michigan.

One of the lovely discoveries upon moving to Michigan was the fact that little ice cream places abound.  Called by names such as Frosty King and Frosty Boy, they will provide you with coney dogs, ice cream, sundaes, and slushies.  Think of a high calorie item with little nutritional value and they can make it!  The strange thing, to me, was that these places open around the end of March and close up by the end of October.  As if ice cream was a seasonal food!

We discovered through trial and error this past year that the place nearest us did not meet our expectations so we began making pilgrimages to Frosty King in Hanover-Horton instead.  And I don’t use the word pilgrimage lightly.  Frosty King is home to the Extreme Reeces Flurry: a large serving packing in twenty ounces of soft serve ice cream, liquid peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and hard shell topping all swirled together.  On a side note, I cannot imagine working in a place with industrial-sized containers of liquid peanut butter.  That could get very bad very fast.

Forty cents more than a regular flurry and completely worth the price!  We have possibly gotten one to replace one of our meals at least once a week since March.  And last week was the best sort of week possible.

Do you see what that sign says?  No wait… I think you might have missed it.

There’s only one thing better than an Extreme Reeces Flurry and that would be an ERF with peanut butter soft serve.  We were so excited, in fact, that we had three of them last week.  THREE?!?  I feel a little weird and embarrassed to be admitting that, though I suppose we could always claim to be trying to support the local economy.  Buy local!  Eat way too much peanut butter and chocolate!

Seriously though, splurging that much in a single week really made me reflect on my eating.  As good as an ERF tastes and as fun as it is for me to be able to eat one (or three) and maintain my weight (I sort of feel like my metabolism is doing what it should have done when I was in high school), I feel like my diet is in need of some cleaning up.  Optimal running and training are probably best not done on a diet of hard shell chocolate and peanut butter.  I feel like the farther I get from being pregnant the worse my eating gets.  It’s not as balanced as it should be and tends to be more refined and “snacky” than I would like.

So I am trying to figure out how to go about eating differently and better.  Unfortunately I am trying to figure this out as produce prices start climbing for the winter months.  I am curious though, how other runners tailor their diets.  I tend to feel better overall with a higher protein diet but know that runners are usually instructed to eat more carbs (which I totally understand – glycogen storage, ATP production, the body preferring glucose as fuel, and all).  Anyone out there care to share what works for them?

Maybe it’s a good thing that ice cream is almost over.  I could probably do with fewer treks to Frosty King!


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