Posted by: Ingrid | October 15, 2010

Steps in the right direction

It looks like I will be right in predicting that Isaac will be walking decently by about 15 months.  A week and a half ago, when I was at class studying muscle cells and reactions, Isaac decided to exercise his muscles and took his first few steps for his dad.

Almost walking is a very fun stage.  He can’t get anywhere very fast and he jerks around like a little baby zombie for a few steps before plopping down onto his diapered rear and giving himself a round of applause.  Sometimes the applause starts when he catches his balance and then he doesn’t get anywhere because he moves his arms around so much that he falls over.

He didn’t care much about holding my hands and walking before, but now he thinks it’s a fun game.  Yes, this is a great stage!  I have to say, though, that I really really pity the moms who deal with their baby walking at 9 months!

Our next project: hair growth! 🙂


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