Posted by: Ingrid | October 30, 2010


I love dressing up.  I loved it as a child and that love has continued through adulthood.  Of course, the brutal teasing I get from my husband over the fact that I dressed up for the midnight showing of The Lord of the Rings movies (Hello!  Who didn’t dress up?  It’s not like it was Star Trek or anything… 🙂 ) has served to suppress it slightly, but the desire for fun costumes has never really gone away.

Welcome to Halloween with a fourteen-month-old.  I have zero desire for Isaac to bring home candy that I will eat and every desire to dress up dress my son up.  Fortunately, I have on hand some very easy and fun costume potential: bridesmaid’s dresses!

There is nothing like slipping into a fun formal dress that you only wore once.  Fortunately, all of my friends who got married had impeccable taste; there are no garish butt bows or weird orange dresses to be found in my collection.  So I am going as a princess.  Of course, saying that makes me feel about five years old, but oh well.

Establishing that fact however, was key to figuring out Isaac’s costume.  Obviously he had to be something that matched my costume.  At the thrift store (yes, we are on a budget) I discovered a predominance of flower costumes (NO WAY!) and a dragon costume from Old Navy.  A frog would also have been acceptable (though then I would have had to scrounge up a golden ball from somewhere) but finding a costume in his size sealed the deal and a dragon it is!

The only embarrassing part is when people ask Isaac what he’s going to be for Halloween.  Oh, a dragon… how cute!  Why a dragon?

Um, because mommy wants to be a princess with a long twirly skirt?  Good thing Isaac can’t talk yet!

Thanks to Melissa for choosing her lovely blue bridesmaid’s dresses so long ago and many apologies to my roommate, Heather, who had to live with me as I prepared to wear it.



  1. Oooh! I’m glad you get to wear it again. 🙂 I tried on my old prom dress for a princess party…however…I have to move beyond the notion that I will ever be the same size I was when I was eighteen. Next year, petition your friends for costumes. EJ was a frog prince when he was just about Isaac’s age. If I could get it to you in time, I would. Or, you could make your way to Colorado for halloween…
    Looking forward to seeing pics!

    • Oh how I wish we could make it out to Colorado! It would be so nice to catch up with you and your family, Melissa. 🙂 Our church did trunk-or-treat last night and the high schoolers have something tonight so we get to make use of the costumes twice. Very fun!

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