Posted by: Ingrid | November 6, 2010

Separation Anxiety

I’m not talking about Isaac, who for the most part has breezed through the first almost fifteen months of life with next to no stranger/separation anxiety.  I mean, he likes it when I come back and starts crying like he missed me terribly, but it’s all a facade.  With him it’s out of sight out of mind.

But we have something bigger on the horizon now which is causing me a lot of anxiety.  Clint and I are headed to a youth worker’s conference in Nashville (8 hour drive from home) leaving on our four year anniversary (November 18).  It should be excellent – good speakers, musicians, comedians, etc., but it is taking us from home for four nights.  We leave Thursday afternoon and get back on Monday night.  All fun and games right?  Except for the catch.

Isaac isn’t going with us.

Now we have not left Isaac overnight ever, so this is already a first.  But four nights has me just a little worried!  He will be with a friend and her family who I absolutely trust, but I can’t quell the anxiety that has me randomly checking to see if Amtrak has trains out of Nashville (they don’t).  I think what I am most worried about is the fact that Isaac is still nursing, still waking up in the night, and absolutely refuses to drink milk and will rarely drink juice.  Getting in the calories for him is ridiculously hard.  It’s not that he doesn’t like food, he just doesn’t eat enough to make a whole lot of difference.  And I have tried with the whole milk, I really have, but we have not made much headway

What to do?  I have two weeks to either get my child to accept some other form of liquid nourishment or I need to turn into a milk factory.  I’m sure you can guess my preference.  I don’t want to wean him – I still want to be able to nurse when we get back, but I don’t want him starving and refusing to eat anything for five days.  Or maybe he’ll eat when I’m out of the picture?  How is this supposed to work anyway?

Help?  Mothers who have done this?  Help!?!

Maybe South West flies out of Nashville…  I should check.



  1. i have noticed that la cocotte’s eating patterns are totally different at daycare or, essentially, anytime we are not around. it is hard to get a good meal into her at home but at daycare, i have been told, she is “la championne” of meal time. So… this trip you & Clint are taking might be just the thing to cause Isaac to step up his consumption.
    Look at it this way, evolutionarily speaking babies are in the BUSINESS of being taken care of. They get their needs met. A baby will not starve itself in the presence of good food. honestly I think this is going to be waaaaaaaay harder for you than for him (hmmmm not sure if that is actually comforting or not).

    • You’re right. It’s comforting but not comforting. 😛 I am sure that when Isaac sees no other way he will eat something. I don’t like the anxiety of feeling like he will somehow be suffering if it takes a while. I did not anticipate feeding a baby would be this hard, quite honestly.

  2. p.s. dumb question but… have you tried a sippy cup for milk? we went from boob to sippy cup (well we are still doing boob) but the sippy cup seems to work well also.

    • I actually went out and bought sippy cups when he was 10 months old with that thought in mind. He never did well with a bottle and I thought that would be a good compromise. He will sometimes drink water out of it and will occasionally drink maybe an ounce of apple juice. When I put milk in he takes a sip and spits it out.

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