Posted by: Ingrid | November 14, 2010

Celebrating 33

Today we have taken time to celebrate my dear husband’s birthday as he turns 33.  We mostly celebrated by eating way too much pizza and browsing used books in Ann Arbor.  Husband and I cannot agree on pizza crust.  He prefers New York style thin crust while I am of the opinion that the thicker the crust the better.  So in honor of his birthday I let him have his own way – yes, some sacrifices just have to be made in marriage!

I don’t have much profound to say, other that I am so happy and blessed to be married to this man.

Personally, I think that 33 is a great number.  If Clint were a hobbit, today would be his coming of age birthday – welcome to adulthood (adult hobbit hood?).  But if he were a hobbit he would also have hairy feet and that would be weird.  Either way, I think we out ate any hobbit around when we dug into our pizza.  (Can you tell that one of the perks of nursing a fifteen month old is the opportunity to re-re-re-read the Lord of the Rings series?)

What a wonderful five years it’s been since that first birthday party I attended a week after I met him.  Happy birthday, Sweetie!


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