Posted by: Ingrid | November 16, 2010

‘Tis the season for (free) celebration

With Clint’s birthday we have officially kicked off the festivities.  Our four year anniversary is Thursday, then Thanksgiving, then my birthday, Christmas, New Year’s and then we flop exhausted onto the couch and wish we could spread out the celebratory fun a little better.  Celebrating is exhausting!

On the 14th we made our way to Starbucks to grab a quick latte (and then pick up Vicks for our sick baby – not at Starbucks!) to celebrate five years from our first date at a Starbucks in California.

We used Clint’s free birthday coupon which reminded me.  Here are your basic birthday freebies that make crazy celebration months like our November and Decembr so much fun.  Because “free” is one of those words that warms my frugal heart.

Register your Starbucks card and you will get a free drink on your birthday (plus other fun things throughout the year).

Join BD’s birthday club and get a free stir fry.  We’re going to dinner there tonight -this is one of my favorite freebies!

Get another free dinner at Red Robin and be sure to get their garlic fries.  So bad for you yet so delicious!

Top off your meal with some Cold Stone and you’re all set!


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