Posted by: Ingrid | November 24, 2010

Life between road trips

Got back late in the rain on Monday night from the Youth Specialties Conference.  Lots to process but no time.  Road trip number 1, 16 hours round trip, checked off the list.

Tuesday everything came out of the bags, went into the laundry, and went back into different bags in preparation for road trip two that begins this afternoon.  We are finally making the trek to Illinois, five hours away, to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins.   Despite being the closest family around we have been in Michigan over a year and have yet to see them.  We are also throwing in my free meal at BD’s for my upcoming birthday and two stops to see friends on the way home!

Two road trips this close is not a favorite of mine, especially with an unpredictable baby, but despite all that, I’m excited to get on the road this afternoon!

I’m thankful for my wonderful husband and son.

I’m thankful that I’m back with my little boy and he didn’t starve.

I’m especially thankful that he slept ten hours straight last night and took a four hour nap before that.

I’m thankful we get to see family soon.

I’m thankful that I finally got a 10 mile run in today.

I’m really thankful I didn’t have to raise and kill a turkey in order to enjoy eating one tomorrow.

Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone!


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