Posted by: Ingrid | November 28, 2010

End of November already?

Seriously?  How on earth did we get here?  Am I really getting so old that the months are flying by this fast?  And where did I put my dentures again?

Two road trips (Michigan to Nashville and back – 8 hours each way and Michigan to Illinois – 50 bazillion hours each way because we were traveling with a toddler) have successfully eaten up the month of November.  They have been a lots of fun (though sometimes stressful) and have involved lots of miles and driving through five states.  Am I the only one who realizes when traveling with a child that it is such a bad idea after I get to my destination?  It’s like I have selective amnesia that allows me to forget that Isaac sleeps like a three-week-old when he is in a new place and cries when he feels like we’ve been in the car too long.  And seatbelts are not long enough to safely nurse your baby when he is in a car seat.  Just saying.

So here was the second half of our November.

The National Youth Worker’s conference which I may or may not have time to blog about later was great and included artists like Jeremy Camp, Jars of Clay, and The David Crowder Band.

I also discovered that it’s always a good idea to randomly ask people if they run – you might make a new friend!

Then on to our Thanksgiving holiday in Illinois.  I had the best 7 mile run in the 35 degree rain on Thanksgiving – came back with sloshing shoes and about five pounds heavier from water retention.

Friday I got spoiled with an early birthday present from my aunt and godmother (who also happens to be a certified massage therapist).  Best massage EVER and then a pedicure with my aunt and cousin.

Now that we have braved the five-ish hour drive to Champaign I am thinking we may need to go back there at the end of April… they do a fairly flat full marathon there that is a Boston Qualifier!  With pacers!  And did I mention my aunt does massage…?

My uncle outdid himself cooking the Thanksgiving dinner

and Isaac managed to not break all of the beautiful knick-knacks, vases, statues, and the like.  He also managed to never fling himself down the stairs so it was really a successful trip all ’round.  As usual, it was fun to get away and great to get home.  No more trips until Christmas Eve!


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