Posted by: Ingrid | December 2, 2010

The beginning of thirty-one

I figured that since my birthday fell on an already busy and chaotic day I would just make the most of it and document everything!  Sort of like making lemonade when life gives you lemons…

It all began with snow, which continued to fall all day.

It was beautiful but so cold!  I’d run 6 miles the day before in shorts because it was 50 degrees and then the day of my birthday it was 23 degrees and snowing!  This is Michigan, is what I keep reminding myself.  Welcome to unpredictable weather.

I got in a lovely 11 miler in honor of my birthday.  I wish I could have done something with 31 – maybe a 31K?  But I am not there in my training right now.  So I did 11, which seemed like an appropriately odd number for an odd age.  It was wonderful!

I apologize for a horrible picture – I had no idea the four layers I chose to wear made me look like this!  But I ran and now it is documented so I am moving on.

My husband made coffee and gave me some fun presents before he took off for the doctor and later brought me lunch so I didn’t have to cook anything.

Isaac and I hung out, with some moments

much happier than others.

I also received a snuggie, which was most helpful in studying.

I thought I might be fighting Clint over it at some point, but Isaac was apparently the one I had to worry about!

I also received a book from a friend of mine who knows me far too well.  That was not conducive to studying at all!  Thanks, Heather!

Rounding out the day I had a loooong lecture in A&P, finishing metabolism, and moving onto electrolyte balance and the reproductive system.  I almost fell asleep.  Following that was lab, the last of four dissections, in which we looked at the abdominal cavity and finally delivered our pregnant cat’s kittens. 😦  Sad, because they were so cute and little.  And yes, I am just weird enough to ask someone to take a picture of us with the dead kitty.

We also got to look at one of the cadavers, but no pictures there.

Finished the night with some ice cream mixed with peanut butter and cookies.  No candles or birthday songs, but the peanut butter made it mostly better.

I think thirty-one will be okay. 🙂

Running song of the day: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles (LOVE this song!)



  1. I’m really not sure that is the correct interpretation of the Dead Kitty.

    Happy birthday, Ingrid! 🙂

  2. But Sharon, I never made it to the correct interpretation so I have to make do on my own… Miss you!

    • How sad… no Dead Kitty. In that case, ’twas an admirable essay at the mystery. 🙂

      I miss you too!!

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