Posted by: Ingrid | December 9, 2010

Almost giddy

One semester of class and I have degenerated to nerd status.  At least that’s how I feel.

Last night marked our review lab and the last 20 minutes of lecture.  Because we finished early I got home in time to put Isaac to bed and do not have to show up to class on Monday.  I stayed after lab to finish reading our textbook, the monstrous 1, 200 page tome that I have been reading since August 30th.  Done.  And I’ve taken notes on most of it too.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and felt a sense of freedom I hadn’t experienced in a long time since normally I try to read my textbook when I wake up and then read more and go over my notes during nap time.


I feel like I can almost contemplate having a life again.  And by that I mean reading whatever I want without glancing furtively around and doing almost anything but study without an overarching sense of guilt.  Sure, I still have to study 7 chapters and 100 things that might show up on our lab practical, but I can do that knowing that this is it.  I don’t have to keep track of additional lectures.  I don’t have to read ahead.  We are finally almost done.  Besides, how in depth can you go on the respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive systems, pregnancy, electrolyte balance, and metabolism in 100 questions?

Plus I can afford to do “good enough” on both exams and still keep my 4.0.  It’s almost Christmas people.  This is definitely the time to focus on fudge making and sending Christmas cards rather than getting stuck on the ins and outs of bicarbonate ions and their transport in the blood.

So here I am, sans guilt, blogging and looking around for protein bar recipes online.  I get to go through my notes on the elliptical today so I have all sorts of free time!  Hurray!

Almost done never felt this good before.



  1. Why is it I don’t know what you’re studying? Sounds, well, health-related and fun.

    This sentence made me laugh:

    “Besides, how in depth can you go on the respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive systems, pregnancy, electrolyte balance, and metabolism in 100 questions?”

    Whoooo…. you don’t want to know, sister! But you are right, I’m sure they won’t go in too much depth since it sounds like more of a broad overview.

    Happy fudge making and good luck with the exams! 🙂

    • SLG, I am taking Anatomy and Physiology which is a prerequisite for the nursing program here. I can’t believe that our last exam covers all of those areas since I feel like there could be 100 questions asked per section! I have enjoyed studying the information but am ready to be done!

      • I am thinking about going back to school to get my master’s degree in biology but I am not sure how I am going to juggle a toddler and new baby and get enough studying in. Also, when you come to California, are you going to spend any time in the Bay Area? We could get Caitlyn and Isaac together 🙂

      • Sarah! That would be so fun! We are actually in the Bay Area from the evening of the 24th through the morning of the 27th. How far are you from Walnut Creek? It would be so fun to meet up! Send me an email and maybe we can work something out.

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