Posted by: Ingrid | December 15, 2010

Why Winter Running?

As you can see, my thoughts on winter running change with the wind.  Quite literally.  I am all for running when it’s 10 degrees out, provided there is no 20 mile per hour wind blowing against me.

But really, there are some great reasons to run outside in the winter.

1.  You will never ever, while running on a treadmill, come within 10 feet of a group of deer just hanging out.

2.  Because the winter sunrise coming up over the trees bowed down with snow is worth getting up and out for.

3.  Because there must be some cardiovascular benefit to running with an extra 10 pounds of dry fit clothing on.

4.  Because winter is the great equalizer when it comes to potholes on the roads.  They all get filled in with snow!  It’s like the State of Michigan fixed every broken road all at the same time!

5.  Because you use some different muscles trying to steady yourself as the snow shifts beneath your feet.  Kind of like running on sand but without the ocean next to you.

6.  Because frolicking squirrels are more fun to watch than the treadmill display.

7.  Because you truly feel like an awesome runner when you come home with frost on your fleece and your eyelashes half frosted closed.

Running Song of the Day:  Open up Your Eyes by Daughtry


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