Posted by: Ingrid | December 16, 2010

Memorable Final

When I was young and naive in college I operated under a sort of self-sabotage system when it came to large assignments.  When I had a presentation, large paper, or big exam I would inevitably do something that, in the case all went wrong, I could blame my less than perfect record on.  Not the best way to operate, I will admit.

Which is why I spent the time I should have been taking my Anatomy and Physiology final last night sitting in a snow covered ditch.

Not on purpose.

It’s actually a little embarrasing, since a story like that seems as though it should involve at least some high speeds and maybe a deer or two.  I am thinking I might be able to include a deer in the embellished version.  Something about how the thirty-two point buck leaped from the woods, sneering as he shouldered my vehicle off the road.  Can a buck have thirty-two points?  Probably not.  I wish I could post the picture I took on my cell phone.  My poor car looks like someone decided to do a most unfortunate parking job down a snowy hill.

The very tame “how it all happened” is that I was driving 30 mph down a snowy and icy road, not even listening to music or talking on my cell phone, for pete’s sake, when I began slowly braking for an upcoming stop sign and my car started turning to the right.  It didn’t matter what I did to correct the steering, it just veered off the road, off the shoulder, down a little hill into the waiting arms of the brambles and trees.

You see, it really does need at least one deer added in for excitement.

So there I was, at a slant, and just about eye level with the road.  I immediately turned off the car and did the only logical thing I could think of, call my instructor and tell her that I just slid off the road and would not be at the final at 5:00 pm.

4:38 – I call my husband.

4:45 -I call AAA.

5:00 -My husband arrives.

5:20 -The tow truck arrives.

5:25 -Mr. Tow truck tells us that someone called the police and had an ambulance dispatched so he can’t do anything to the car until the police arrived.


5:25 -5:45 -Fume about not being about to go anywhere.  Think horrible thoughts about whoever called the police.  Sing Head and Shoulders and The Wheels on the Bus over and over again to Isaac in the back seat of our other car.

The police arrived, checked things over, helped the toe truck driver slowly (oh so slowly) pull my car out (I came very close to hitting some big rocks so he was trying to be careful), inspected the car again, and then we took off (slowly) to school.  My husband kindly hung out with Isaac in the science building so that I would not have to drive home alone on the icy roads.

6:45 -I get to school 45 minutes after the final ended and 45 minutes before the lab practical began.

6:50-7:29 -I take the test and call it good although it was not one of my best academic efforts and I didn’t take the full hour.  No room is found in one lab so I take it in… the cadaver room.

Yes!  My night wasn’t novel enough so I had to take my final exam next to our resident cadaver!

7:30-8:15 -Take my final lab practical.  Do the worst I’ve done so far.

I don’t think my grade will be affected by yesterday’s debacle.  And I think that maybe it’s a little bit funny now.  It will probably get funnier the further away I get from it.  On the other hand, I totally get now how people slide head on into traffic or into a tree and die.

So, my class is over, the final exam dwarfed by me skidding into a snow filled ditch.  I have to admit, I never want a final that memorable ever again!



  1. Oh, ick. That whole situation. I HATE winter driving and it’s even scarier with a kid. Several years ago I hit black ice and spun around and bounced off cars and landed in the ditch (and like you I was going slow, not talking on the phone or listening to the radio…it was just crap weather). They had to briefly close a 3-lane highway to get me out. Car was totaled, had to stay in a random motel overnight till my parents could get me (I was halfway between Minneapolis and Fargo, where they lived.) It sucked, but I was safe. And I continue to hate winter driving.

    Anyway, glad you and Isaac are safe and that you got to take your final. I get the impression that you are one of those who will think you did bad, but do great (or maybe you’ve admitted to that?) 🙂 Isn’t the feeling of being DONE so great?

    And the cadaver part? EEEEEEE!

    • Yes, I am beginning to wonder why people go anywhere in the winter! So glad you were safe after your black ice incident. Wow! And as for the test, I did get a lower grade than normal on both exams (SOB!) which managed to drop me to second in the class. So my grade is just fine but I know, under normal circumstances, I could have done better.
      But I am DONE and you are correct, it feels so good!

  2. Life is what it is. I am proud of you for accepting what is put before you and moving on. The circumstances we find ourselves in are sometime unavoidable so we must just get on with “it”. Good job on completing your task…I think I would want you to be my nurse, especially in a critical situation. Love you. Dad

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