Posted by: Ingrid | December 18, 2010


Christmas is coming.  This of course means that anticipation abounds.  Anticipation at seeing family, eating Christmas cookies, travel plans, Christmas decor, Christmas Eve church services, hot chocolate by the fire, and longed-for gifts.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to see family (though less excited to travel there on a plane Christmas Eve with a mobile toddler).  But one thing that I am anticipating with much excitement and joy?

Warm weather and running in shorts.

Shorts?  In high school I went full summers without putting on shorts and this was in Fresno-city-in-a-desert-up-in-the-100’s.  Who knew the day would arrive when I would be beyond thrilled to know that I could don shorts in 50 degree weather and go for a run.  Behold, that day is here!  Check out the weather forecasts for Christmas this year.  Listed are the three places we will spend the majority of our visit as well as the forecast for home sweet home.  I will leave it to your excellent deduction skills to determine which is which.

51 degrees

21 degrees

53 degrees

63 degrees

Hard to guess which one we won’t be seeing this Christmas, isn’t it?  I am beyond thrilled that it will be nice running weather (these days nice equals anything that doesn’t involve double layers of pants and socks).  I get to be warm!  Finally!  I plan on trying to get my fill of running in while I’m gone.  I never knew how easy I had it there until we moved!  Don’t get me wrong, the snow last week was nice, problem is, it’s still here.  It’s not the fact that Michigan is snowy that’s the problem, it’s that it’s so cold that once it snows it doesn’t go away.  It melts in patches, gets icy in others, but most turns to brown slush that hits you as cars drive past too quickly.  The best place to run would be the clear spots in the middle of M60, but then you’d get hit by a semi-truck.  There are trade offs to everything.

So I will continue to anticipate and refrain from running down the highway.  Today I made it to 38 miles for the week (most of them outside) and have four more runs before we head off to warmer weather.

My running shorts are already packed.  It’s pretty safe to say I won’t need them here!


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