Posted by: Ingrid | December 20, 2010

Christmas in pictures (mostly)

Christmas is always a little weird when you spend most of the season in one place preparing to be in another.  It’s been a weird December so far.  We fly out Christmas Eve and with the church musical knocking out the first week in December and my class going through the 15th, we sort of neglected to get a tree.  Fortunately I still had one from my college days.

Unfortunately, Isaac kept knocking it down.  Now it resides in a plastic trash can to make it more stable.  That sounds so white trash, doesn’t it?  Artificial Christmas tree in a trash can?  Makes me feel like I should fry up some spam for dinner.

Christmas musical weekend.

Our own little drummer boy.

Who decided it was a good idea to plop small children down on some guy’s lap as he bellows, Ho, ho, ho?

The Christmas Cowboy.  Wearing boots is like learning to walk all over again!

Look at him hanging out by the cookies.  This is totally my son!

And the way he’s trying to drink egg nog out of the carton makes me think he’s obviously his father’s son too…

Second Annual Cheesy Turtleneck Christmas Party.

The extent of this year’s Christmas decor.

Yeah, this is whole going to school with a baby and a lot of Christmas chaos is not doing much to realize the Martha Stewart Christmases of my teenage daydreams.  This is the weirdest assortment of Christmas pictures I’ve ever had!


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