Posted by: Ingrid | January 22, 2011

A Running Milestone

I am going to blog about this, because, since I have not been training for marathons, longer runs are huge milestones for me.  Today I was supposed to run a 15 miler at an 8:45 pace and planned to do a hybrid run: 7 miles at an 8:34 pace on the treadmill a 2 mile run to the trail to meet friends and then 6 miles along the trail.  I have not run 15 miles since last spring and even that was an anomaly for my training.

When I got up this morning my computer told me that it was 6 measly degrees outside so it was very nice starting on the treadmill!  After an uneventful and steady 7 miles I changed and braved the Weather.  No, it deserves all caps, I braved THE WEATHER.  Good.  Grief.  If I weren’t meeting people I would have gone back inside.  6 degrees is cold!  Running out to the trail with snow hitting me in the face, my ears freezing and my teeth (Yes, my teeth!) hurting because of the cold made it feel like a long 2 miles.  As usual, running with people made me forget that I’d already put in 9 miles and off we went through the snow and ice.  Conditions weren’t as good as I had hoped, so we were a little slow.  At the end, I felt so good that I decided to swap next week’s 17 mile run with today’s 15 miler.  I will have to run on Friday next week and probably by myself, so I figured I would just go for it today and do the longer distance.

17 miles!  It felt great although it took me a while to warm up and the water bottle I carried had an ice core once I got home.  It took 2:30 minutes, all told, which is just a little slower average than I’d wanted, but winter running will do that to you.  It was so encouraging to know that I could run that long and I felt as if I had at least 3 more miles in me when I stopped.  It was nice to have a solid long run at the beginning of training while weather conditions are so miserable.  I am looking forward to better running at a faster pace as roads clear and the snow melts.  Of course, that won’t happen for a while so I have two 20 milers in February to look forward to. 🙂

I’m proud of myself and appreciate my husband taking me out to breakfast as a reward.  Yum!



  1. Wow-ee, nice one!! Well done!

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