Posted by: Ingrid | January 26, 2011

These days of our lives

Sometimes I forget how much Isaac is changing.  Though there have been some changes that have felt incredibly rapid, I also have those days (0h these lovely stuck-at-home-winter-days) on which I feel like we are doing just what we’ve done FOREVER.  Until I remember that a year ago we were applauding Isaac when he held his head up and lay sprawled on a blanket.  Then the changes hit me.  I have been trying to look for the little things lately, all the crazy new things my boy is doing.  Let me just say that 17 months is full of activity!

First there is the eating.  We finally are seeing the light on something that proved to be so much harder than I anticipated.  How hard could it be to feed a baby?  Um.  (Beats head on wall.)  But finally Isaac is exploring food and enjoying it.  I am really hoping that some of the calories absorb through his skin in the process.  He has developed a particularly charming habit of accurately chucking bananas across the room and smearing everything in his hair at the end of the meal.

For some reason he likes corners and tight spaces.  That means that our salad spinner still is one of his favorite seats in the house.

Everything has become a hat these days.  Especially if he is the one to think of putting in on.  If I make him wear it, off it comes.

The plumbing business is still going well.  Lest you be totally grossed out, this toilet has never been used for anything more than a walker.

He climbs.  He climbs EVERYTHING.  I really don’t know where to store all of the stuff we have on the back of our couch and the top of our piano because he is just a hair away from getting onto both pieces of furniture.  I don’t mind the climbing so much, it’s just that he doesn’t want to sit on the chair.  No, he wants to stand precariously on the chair’s arm.

Isaac has developed an absolute love for his dad and will actually say, “Bye, Dah!” when Clint leaves for work.  It is the most precious thing to watch.  Does he even say Mama?  No.

Everything is a cell phone these days, including calculators and remote controls.  Gotta’ get the important conversations in, I guess.

One of my favorites lately has been the discovery of body parts: belly buttons, ears, noses, tongues, and toes are all fair game.  And of course, asking him where his tummy is never gets old!

Yes, life is active and fun these days.  And someone is now awake from his nap!  Good thing he hasn’t added exiting his crib to his repretoire of activities!



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Wow, 40 miles by 6 weeks postpartum is super impressive! I only hope to be running by that point. I love hearing other women’s stories and glad to have found your blog.

    Your little guy is SOOO cute!

    • Thanks, Stefanie! I just saw your recent post that you are injured and in pain. 😦 So sorry to hear that! I have to admit, even though I ran until the end of pregnancy along with cross-training I didn’t get to deliver early, like Clapp mentions in his book. Hopefully you will get that perk and be out of pain soon!

  2. Thanks, me too! 🙂

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