Posted by: Ingrid | January 30, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 3

Total Miles Run: 34

Monday: Speedwork, 6 miles:  2 mile warmup, 1200@6:35 pace, 1000@6:31 pace, 800@6:27 pace, 600@6:21 pace, and 400@6:18 pace.  200 meter rest intervals in between and a mile cool down.  Also did NRoLFW.  This workout was a killer for trying to keep track of on the treadmill because it had so many distances and paces.  Felt good though!

Tuesday: Relaxing 6 mile run around the neighborhood in the snow.  No yaktrax!

Wednesdsay: 50 boring minutes on the bike.  NRoLFW workout.  I feel like these days, with biking and weights are the equivalent for eating a bunch of veggies when you would rather down a tray of brownies.  I always feel good afterwards but boy is it hard to get through at the time!

Thursday: Tempo Run: 7 miles – 1 mile warmup, 4 miles at a 7:35 pace and 1 mile at a 7:24 pace, 1 mile cool down.  Strong run!

Friday: 40 minute easy bike ride.  I debated whether or not to bike before my long run.  I think I was fine.  It’s hard for me to tell if exercising the day before a hard or long run impacts my performance because of physical or mental causes (ie. I tell myself I’m tired so then I don’t want to run as fast or hard).  I will just have to keep experimenting with this.

Saturday: Long run:  15 miles.  It was supposed to be at an 8:45 pace, however I ended up running it at an 8:33 pace unintentionally.  Did 4 miles on the treadmill at 8:20 and then 11 miles of our lovely rolling (and not so rolling-OW!) hills.  Lots of snow but I didn’t have to use my yaktraxs.  Did the 11 miles in 1:35.15.  Total for all of it was 2:08.

Sunday: Did 20 minutes of yoga, some stretching and abs.

I liked the fact that I was able to run four days this week but did notice that I felt less rested before my key runs.  I am not really sure if I should care about that, since it hasn’t affected whether or not I hit the pace I should.  I might cut the fun run out next week, since I am doing my first 20 miler, but I guess I will wait and see how I feel before making that call.  I do know that I will stick with Gu from now on for my long runs.  I had a Power Bar Strawberry Banana gel left over from some race goodie bag and it was truly disgusting!

Running song of the week: Shotgun Serenade by Juliana Theory



  1. What is NRoLFW? Which marathon are you doing?

    • NRoLFW stands for New Rules of Lifting for Women. I tend towards doing cardio and forget the weights… this has been a good way to get back into doing some lifting and it hasn’t been really time consuming. I am loving the book and the workouts so far! If I sign up for the marathon it will be one in Champaign, IL on April 30. I am waiting to see how training goes before signing up. I am always afraid if I sign up too early something will happen or I will get injured. That’s why you will never see me running something like Chicago! I can’t commit that far in advance. 🙂

  2. We did the half in Champaign last year! Well, we signed up for the full, struggled with some injuries, so ran the half bandit (because they would not allow you to switch the week before). It fills up pretty fast I think…not like Chicago…but keep your eye on it.

    I need to lift more too 😦 ….

    Where are you at in IL? Or WI? Iowa? IN?

    • We are in south central Michigan, an hour from Detroit and 2.5 hours from Chicago. Thanks for the advice on the run in Champaign. We have relatives there (my aunt is a massage therapist – score!) and the marathon is supposedly flat, which is why it appealed to me. How was the half last year?

  3. The one state I didn’t guess! How nice to have your own massage therapist for after the race! It was very flat. I really enjoyed it…well organized and would do it again but decided not to travel to race so early after having the baby (not wanting to ask my parents to babysit overnight for an infant!).

    I think they are lying about the snow storm 🙂 They get us all hyped up and it never comes.

  4. Great training week! It looks like your marathon training week is going well! I am really considering trying this three day a week program once I have had a couple months to build some speed/base mileage. I just hate to bike or swim so I can never convince myself to do it because I would rather run than do anything else! I know the cross training would be good though! Keep up the good work. You are going to do awesome in your marathon!

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