Posted by: Ingrid | February 3, 2011

Out in the Snow

I  know the title makes it sound like we were out and about in the snow, perhaps for several hours.  In reality, we spent a grand total of maybe 10 minutes outside yesterday after the snow subsided and we didn’t get any further away than the mountain of snow that the snow plows have created by our house.

It occured to me yesterday that we have never allowed Isaac to walk around in the snow.  This is mostly out of convenience, because who really wants to try to bundle up a toddler that much?  The fact that he showed great interest in the snow that we dragged into the house and the fact that he would try to eat it off the carpet seemed to indicate interest (that or thirst) so out we went.

He loved it.  He wanted to rip his thin little mittens off and just stand in the snow and laugh.  This is exactly what he did before the No-Fun-Patrol swooped in and put the mittens back on.

He doesn’t lift his feet in his boots, he just shuffles, which meant he left tire tracks instead of footprints.  We made our way over to our “mountain” so he could take a look.

After a while, since I couldn’t tell how cold his hands were, I brought him back inside and he threw a fit!  I have not found good gloves for baby hands and I hate being a kill joy, especially when he hardly ever goes outside these days.  I need to find a way of keeping something on his fingers because I have a feeling he will want to do this again!




  1. I love the picture of him with the HUGE mountain of snow! Puts it all in perspective!

    • Yes, our wonderful mountain of snow… last year it finally melted in April. This year we are placing bets on July… 🙂

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