Posted by: Ingrid | February 6, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 4

Total Miles Run: 32

Monday: Somehow I managed to not get out to run which means I started the week all wrong.  I kept trying to think of other things to do but the day ended up being a wash.  Did 30 minutes of Jillian Michael’s cardio DVD and my calves were sore for the next three days!  I felt like doing that didn’t help my running very much this week.

Tuesday: Speedwork: 6 miles.  This was the first bad run that I have had on the training program.  I did my warmup and then had 5×1000 m intervals with 400 m rest intervals in between.  Ran the first at 6:30 but then felt like I couldn’t run the others any faster than 6:58.  This was the first workout that I felt I just couldn’t hit the right pace.  Part of that was probably because I got to the gym and my ipod was completely dead so I was very much without motivation.

Wednesdsay: 40 minutes on the bike and the  NRoLFW workout.  I did my first pull up!  Or chin up.  I get them mixed up.  Either way I felt very strong!

Thursday: Tempo Run: 6 miles – 1 mile warmup, 3.5 miles at a 7:19 pace and 0.5 miles at a 7:08 pace, 1 mile cool down.  Strong run!  After Tuesday’s fiasco I was glad to see that I could still run the way I was supposed to!

Friday: 30 minute easy bike ride and the arm stuff from NRoLFW.  You will not catch me doing lunges with 15 pound weights the day before a long run – that’s just asking for it!

Saturday: Long run:  20 miles.  2: 54.45 was the total time.  Towards the end of the run my quads were sore and the day after my toe nails (!?!) hurt and I have some general muscle fatigue.  Overall though, I feel pretty good for having run 20 miles less than 24 hours ago.  No chafing, which I remember being a huge problem last time I trained for a marathon.

Sunday: 20 minutes of yoga, some stretching and abs, and 30-40 minutes on the bike.

I definitely am more tired this week!  I think not getting quite enough sleep is catching up with me.  I forget that when I do long runs my preference is to take a nap in the afternoon but Isaac doesn’t really like that plan.  Consequently, I ended up falling asleep, sitting up, while making Pharmacology flashcards yesterday.  Nothing like waking up twenty minutes later and realizing that you have been drooling all over your homework… lovely.

Running song of the week: Back to the 80’s by Aqua




  1. You are a machine! I don’t know how you go without sleep so much! Falling asleep sitting up shows real exhaustion. I start complaining bitterly when I get 6-7 broken hours personally, and running slips and slides off my priorities list. However, getting through a day sleep deprived without a run is somehow worse than the days I run, even if it requires getting up early after tending to a baby at 2am…So I do understand the ‘need’ to run.

  2. Sleeping through homework is what got me through grad school! 😉

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