Posted by: Ingrid | February 17, 2011

Dear February: “As they say in the song, I done you wrong”


This February has not been what I expected.  At all.  I have spent exactly eleven months dreading and planning out how to not let February be the horrible-depressing-stuck-inside-WHERE-has-the-sun-gone month that it was last year.  My husband calls me an realistic optimistic (lovingly, of course) and there are quite a few occasions, this being one of them, in which it serves me well.  February was BAD last year, therefore I determined it would be bad this year as well.  Cold.  Gloomy.  Gray.  Still gloomy and cold and snowy and icy and COLD.  So with that in mind I have prepped myself diligently for the month and thought of ways to mitigate what I knew for sure would be the hardest month of the year.

Oh, I have been surprised.  Michigan is good for weather surprises, among other things.  I have given February a bad reputation all year and this time around it has been amazing.  It has been warm (high today of 52).  The snow has been melting.  I did a tempo run on clear roads today.  The sun has been out more days than not.  February has far exceeded any hopes I could ever have had of it, had I even dared to hope.  (This is part of what I love about realistic optimism – you plan for the worst and then good things that happen are wonderful and exciting surprises!)

We have seen weather in the 40’s and 50’s the past few days, weather so nice I am afraid that we will have people flocking to our lovely state when they realize that winter isn’t that bad after all.  It is amusing to watch what happens when the temperature rises above 40 degrees here.  Weather that in southern California would have seen people hunched in their winter coats with gloves on their fingers and heaters running full blast has us out in running shorts with people in jeans and t-shirts playing catch on lawns with grass peaking from beneath mounds of snow!

I am a little worried that a warm February indicates snow in June, but maybe that will kill all the mosquitoes which I can definitely deal with!  So let this stand as a public apology to the slandered month of February.  Next year may find those 28 days gloomy and cold but this year, it’s glorious!


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