Posted by: Ingrid | February 25, 2011

The semester is in full swing

I am turning into a boring absentee blogger.  I miss writing but with my days busy with the mundane I am lacking the creativity and the time to write.  I hate these periods when I just feel dry – even if I did have the time I don’t know what I would talk about even though life seems to be very full.  I tend to feel more connected with my life when I write about it, which may explain my compulsive journaling since the age of nine, so I always feel a bit removed when it seems there’s just nothing to say.  I can say for a fact, however, that training for a marathon, taking care of a very active toddler (does he ever stop?) who still wakes up during the night, and taking classes with homework squeezed in during Isaac’s one nap per day definitely has me tired.  Spring break is next week and after that I think we have 8 weeks to go, including finals.  Basically I run the marathon at the end of finals if I decide to commit, which I still have not done.  I may take Developmental Psych over the summer, but right now I am definitely wanting a break!

All that to say, we have still had a lot going on.  A few weeks back we were able to go on the pastor/spouse retreat, sans Isaac.  We had fun relaxing in beautiful but cold Frankenmuth.

The spring tease we had a few weeks ago abruptly ended with a snowfall and ice storm that left the world looking as if it were made of crystal with a thousand icicles glittering and shimmering from every tree and bush.

Isaac has also been adding vocabulary, his latest additions being NO! and Gi-gi (his name for one of our adopted Grandmas).  I really could have done without no.  When he’s not trying to jump off furniture

or read his books about tractors and dump trucks he can be found drumming on his improvised drum set.

I was very sad when he realized that if I left the room he could follow me.  With the drum.

He can also be found here.

We have also come up with a tame version of snow play, ever since he started eating the snow that we tracked in on our boots (I know, gross, isn’t it?)  It was lots of fun until he started throwing the snow at me!

So we are doing well here.  Just going through a sort of busy patch with not much to say.  Somehow the days manage to feel packed though!


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