Posted by: Ingrid | March 8, 2011

Last Day

I found myself compulsively checking blogs and people’s Facebook status this morning.  Nothing like knowing I am going to be giving something up to make me want it more at the moment.  Several other bloggers I know will be doing something similar and I am curious as to what our experiences will be.

I am happy that all of my friends who were expecting babies have had them, which no longer leaves the excuse that I have to check blogs/Facebook in order to see when the baby arrives.  And that was such a good excuse too!

I will definitely miss reading what everyone has to say over the next few weeks, but I look forward to catching up at Easter.  I will still be blogging here, just not checking other blogs (Must.  Resist.  Google.  Reader.)  In the meantime, call me!  Email me!  Text me!  Come visit me!  If you’re close by I’ll come visit you!  But don’t send me messages on Facebook, since I won’t get those.  I would love to hear what’s going on in people’s lives, just not via blog and Facebook, which means, given how busy everyone I know is, I probably won’t hear much at all. 🙂  It will be an interesting month and a half until Easter.

Now if I could just find a place that sells individual paczki, my Shrove Tuesday would be complete.  I really don’t think we need a whole pack of these things lying around…




  1. Haha, we might have to email status updates to each other to see us through.

    I really do think we’ll both have much more peace of mind without all that extra “noise”. But still, hard times ahead!

  2. Aw, I’ll miss your blogs! But I hope it’s a very fruitful Lent for you.

  3. I will miss reading your blog! You always keep me inspired to stay running and I still admire all that mileage you get in with a toddler! Good luck with your training and can’t wait to hear how you are doing after Easter!And yes, I think stepping away from computers/blogs will be really helpful to have some time to focus and reflect!! But, yikes, this is going to be hard!

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