Posted by: Ingrid | March 17, 2011

Running Relativity

Today I had to kick the tempo run up a notch, doing my first ever 10 mile tempo run.  I guess that’s when you start realizing how relative distance is to the evetn that you are training for.  Last September a 10 mile run, forget the tempo part, was a long run.  It’s hard to wrap your mind around a tempo run that long!  My longest, last spring, was 8 miles while training for my half.  Between feeling like 10 was just too much and the time change that came out of nowhere and absolutely clobbered me (seriously I could not get up early for 3 days and felt like I would never run again) I flirted with the idea of calling it quits this week.  No more marathon, no more training.  All done!  But then I went out to run 10 eight minute miles and averaged 7:39!  I don’t know if it’s nerves or what, but I cannot seem to keep the right pace these days.  I think maybe I’m so afraid of going over that I push harder than I think and end up under what I meant to run.

Anyway, now that I keep running to fast I am wondering if I am peaking too soon and if I should sign up for a marathon in mid-April instead of the one at the end of April.  I emailed the people who created the program I am following and they said that it wasn’t necessary to do exactly 16 weeks, they tailor it from 12-24 weeks depending on the person.  I don’t know… I feel so good right now I guess I’m afraid that I won’t be able to hold onto that for another 6.5 weeks.  Both marathons have pacers (good thing, since I am lousy at that right now!) and both have an elevation change of 85 feet.  I think if I do the early marathon I will still do the half marathon two weeks later, since I would get to see family and it would be a fun trip.  Ooooohhhh… I don’t like decisions like this!

Unlike most runners who sit down at the beginning of the year and plot out the races that they want to do, I wait until I’m high on training endorphins to start checking for races.  I am just at the stage where I am finding everything I would like to run.  Then I need to wait a few weeks for reality to set in so that I can actually decide what kind of schedule would be feasible.

So far on my list of maybes:

Glass City marathon or half – April 16

Christie Clinic marathon or half – April 30

Advanced Packaging 5K – May 13

Sunburst 10K or half – June 4

Rose run 5K – June 11

Concord 5K – June 25

Hanover Horton 5K – July 4

5K that our teens are doing to raise money to fight human trafficking – sometime in August

Somerset 5K or half marathon – August 27

Allegiance 5K – September 10

Falling Water Trail 5K or half – October 15

Run for Shelter 5K – November 21

Turkey Trot – Thanksgiving

There are way too many 5K’s in the mix, and since we all know how I feel about 5K’s, you can bet that most some of those won’t make the cut.  I love this stage of race planning – it’s like being in a candy shop!


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