Posted by: Ingrid | March 20, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 10

Total Miles Run: 32

Monday: Time change beat me down and I took my second day off exercising for the first time in a long time.  Did nothing.

Tuesday: Still adjusting to the time change but my dear husband graciously came home for lunch so that I would have no excuse to not get outside.  Seriously thought about quitting marathon training.  Ran 6 easy miles.

Wednesdsay: Biked 45 minutes.

Thursday: Tempo run: 1 mile warmup and 10 mile tempo run: 1:17.  This was supposed to be at a flat 8:00 pace but I ended up averaging 7:39’s.  Walked a couple of miles later on.

Friday: Easy 30 minute bike ride.

Saturday: Long run: 15 miles.  My running buddy is out of town so I did the 15 around the neighborhood.  I think I have to really be in the zone to do that… being that close to home and kicking off my shoes is not always the best thing for me when I need to do a long fast run.  Definitely sore from Thursday’s tempo with only a day of recovery in between.  I think that helped me do a better job holding my pace.  I was supposed to do 8:10’s and finished with an 8:01 average in 2 hours and 15 seconds.  Not bad at all, especially when I looked back at my fifteen miler during week 4 and saw that I ran it in  a little over 2:08!  And that was with the first half on the treadmill and a break to change in between.

Sunday: Did the stretches from a Parenting “Mommy and Me” yoga DVD.  Isaac is a little too old for that.  He doesn’t want to go for a ride on my legs or lay on his back with a rattle, he wants to run around the room!  Biked 30 minutes with my chemistry homework.  I am so sore and tired today!

I am 96% sure that I will be running the Glass City marathon in northern Ohio in 4 weeks and doing the half marathon in Champaign in 6 weeks rather than running  the marathon in Champaign per my original 16 week schedule.  I am ready to run the full and get it off my mind!  Plus I would just like to get out and run for fun again.  I am signed up for the Champaign half because spots were almost full, but I can always bump to the full if Ohio doesn’t work out and I feel I can do better two weeks later.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do if you feel bad at a marathon, drop out at mile 21 and use it as a training run?  I guess I should check on that.  I feel a little out of my league right now.  With five plus years between this marathon and my last and a goal of trying to cut 36 minutes off my time… let’s just say that my husband is amused at how nervous I get when I think too hard about everything.  I am excited though, to see how my training pans out and to see how I feel afterwards.  I will definitely commit after this coming 20 miler on Saturday, my last really long run now that I am abridging my training schedule by two weeks.

In terms of a well-rounded workout, this was not the best week.  I did minimal exercise and no weights at all, but at least I got the important runs in.  I am hoping that I will be getting back into the swing of things this week!

Running song of the week: Not Done Yet by Superchick



  1. I gotta say that I feel pretty cool being married to you! Way to go!

    • I’m glad that my existence can make you cool… 🙂

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