Posted by: Ingrid | March 21, 2011

Little Mimic

So for any family and friends who have wondered what happened… there used to be so many cute pictures and updates on Isaac and then… nothing.  I think that part of that is simply having a toddler.  Rather than sitting on a blanket or laying on his back looking cute, he is up and everywhere.  It makes for a lot of blurry and not-so-great shots.  Also, it being winter, my preference is for both of us to stay in pajamas as long as possible.  And no one wants to see lots of blurry shots of us in our pjs.

Isaac has turned into our little mimic.  He tries to do the Jillian Michael’s shred DVD with me, lying on his stomach and pushing his chest off the floor while saying: up, up, up! He is also happy, when he is told no, to waggle his finger back at the person and yell, no, no, NO! It looks so funny it’s extremely hard not to laugh!  We are already pegging him as a sanguine extrovert.  I don’t know that anyone will be terribly surprised by that.  You probably also won’t be surprised by the fact that he likes to “sing” into a plastic part on his high chair as if it was a microphone.

He is running all over, some days literally bouncing off the walls, with that great new running gait where the arms flail around.  He is fascinated with trucks, cars, and dump trucks, and will spend lots of time kicking a ball or throwing it at the wall so that it bounces back and whacks him in the head.

At the same time, he loves books, and is spending lots of time matching up pictures and pointing at everything, trying to soak up all the words we tell him.  Everything is fair game for questions, and sometimes he surprises us with an accurate repetition of the word we just said.  It is crazy what kids this age understand, even if they aren’t really verbal yet.

I am loving that Isaac is finally starting to wrap his arms around our necks and give melt-your-heart hugs.  Running towards me and throwing himself without abandon into my arms, is also something he loves.  He will also “sing” when asked while clapping along with (surprisingly) good rhythm for a toddler.

There are more and more words these days as well, and it surprises me what he decides to say.  He will, for instance, say moon (he loves picking out pictures of the moon) but he won’t tell me that a cow says moo even though we have been telling him that since 2 months.  Truck noises abound and thrown into the mix are beans, apple, bowl, ball, hydrant (sometimes), Bible, GG (for Granny G), up, dog, bird, owl, and a meow that sounds like a strangled cat.  He’s also started adding “a” before some words and saying “a ball” or “a doggie”.  Linguistic progression in a toddler is fascinating!

So anyway, that’s where we are these days at 19-ish months, learning all sorts of new things and waiting for spring to come so that we can expend energy outside!  For any friends and family members… spring is quite lovely and you should probably start planning your southern Michigan trip soon…  Just saying. 🙂



  1. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, so hi! Been following since the “Day in the Life” post was linked to on Navigating the Mothership.

    Oh my goodness, look at all those TEETH! My 17 month old still only has 4 on top and 4 on the bottom. Isaac looks like a KID in that last picture – so cute!

    I love love love the language acquisition part of toddlerhood. Walking was cool and all, but she mastered it SO FAST. Adriana surprises me with words she knows or things she understands every day. You captured this stage perfectly!

    • Thanks for posting, Laura! It’s always fun to see who is reading. 🙂 I agree, teeth really make a toddler look older. Sometimes I feel like I’m looking at a little boy with no baby left in him. I bet you’re having lots of fun with all Adriana’s words. I keep hearing that boys are slower than girls in that area and have been a little envious of friends with girls sometimes. It is such a fun time!

  2. Love the pictures!!!!!! What a cutie!!!!

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