Posted by: Ingrid | April 5, 2011

Resolution Recap: March

Wait.  Where did March go?  I feel like some of these months crawl along and then voila! suddenly we’re five days into the next month and I feel like I missed something.  March was not a good month for getting things done but I am hoping April will be better.  Or maybe May…

-Finish the last four nursing pre-reqs (Chemistry, Developmental Psych, Microbiology, and Pharmacology). I am three and a half weeks out from finishing Chem and Pharmacology and I am so ready to be done.  I would say I have senioritis, but I’m not a senior.  I’m also registered for Developmental Psych starting at the end of May.  Then I’ll have one more pre-req to go!

-Read 50 books.  I think I might have single handedly read that many books last month.  The combo of not being able to run and not being on Facebook or checking blogs has sent me back to my original form of life escape: reading.  Husband will come home, raise an eyebrow when he sees I’m reading a new book and ask politely, “Oh, are you binge reading today?”

-Stretch more. Oh, I am stretching.  Stretch.  Ice.  Ice.  Stretch.  Repeat.

-Run injury free! Well, this one didn’t last long.

-Keep in touch with friends outside the state.  I’m trying.

-Go to mom things when offered (and if they fit into the schedule). I finally made it to the free museum afternoon at a kid’s museum in Albion.  We met another mom and her son and the boys ran EVERYWHERE!  That was probably my biggest “getting out accomplishment” this month.

-Start the New Rules of Lifting for Women book and do the workouts twice per week. Slacked for part of March because I could only lift certain days with my running schedule.  Plus stage 1 took forever and I got bored.  Now into stage 2 and hoping to lift three times a week since I’m not training.

-Observe lent. I have been Facebook and blog free (minus my own) since Ash Wednesday.  I decided not to check on Sundays, which I think was a good decision.

-Pay extra on student loans. Such a boring non-fun resolution, but at least it’s something we are consistently doing!

-Try not to kill this year’s basil plant. Still alive and…um…kicking?

-Make my own laundry soap.  Still using what I made and liking it.  Time to grate some more soap and make another batch!

And on the horizon for April…

Going on a day retreat this Saturday at husband’s insistence.  I married such a good man!

House must be organized for my Dad’s visit in early May.  Literally it must as the library where he will be sleeping has too much junk in it and no curtains!

Hopefully getting our bed frame this month.  Finally.



  1. Okay, the “binge reading again” remark is really funny.

  2. So sorry your injury is still bothering you. Any clue as to what it is?! Ugh. IT SUCKS! IT’s okay to be sad, running is a part of you.

    • Not officially sure because it would be too expensive to find out. The PT I saw thought it was a slight tear in the tendon or ligament at the groin.

  3. PS. Hope you got my email about Chicago! 🙂

    • I did! Sorry I haven’t replied!

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