Posted by: Ingrid | April 19, 2011

First Trimester Recap

Thanks for all of your congratulations and excitement!  I am excited too, though you may not think that if you take time to read anything I write about the miserable, awful, nauseous, no-good-very-bad first trimester.  But seriously, who actually likes the first trimester?  And if you do, please don’t tell me as I will be obligated to hate you.  Intensely.  I am 13 weeks 6 days today and our projected due date is October 19th.  I am so ready to feel better.

April 13th marked the end of the first trimester, round two, and we are now telling everyone and making the news public that we’re pregnant.  Of course, I have been curious since being pregnant the first time how the second time would compare.  I think I was hoping that it would be a bit more… glowy and a lot less nauseous than the first go ‘round.  Oh the things we forget once we’re not pregnant anymore and enough time has elapsed.  Oh the wishful thoughts we entertain…  Almost immediately after taking the test I was reminded that I loathe, truly loathe with all my heart and being, the first trimester.  Hopefully this pregnancy will follow the last one and the mid-second to third trimesters will be lovely.  But weeks 7-13?  I could do without them every time.  For my own sake I will be back-posting my weekly updates because I like to track such things, though I will make sure they don’t post to Facebook because Lord knows I’m pretty sure no one else wants to read about the angsty first trimester.

As another note, I am sorry if what I write as I document the ups and downs of this pregnancy offends you.  I am trying to write an honest (not brutally honest, just moderately honest) account, but I know that sometimes negative thoughts and feelings don’t always sit well with people, especially when someone is talking about pregnancy.  Please know that we are SO excited about this baby and realize how blessed we are to have things going smoothly so far.  That said, being very excited about a baby does not necessarily mean being super excited about the daily ins and outs of pregnancy.  I could think of easier ways for babies to be born… uterine replicators, for instance, that do not involve swollen ankles, utter exhaustion, and making friends with the inside of the toilet bowl.

Also, there will be weekly belly pictures, mostly because I am an absolute sucker for them, pregnant or not, and love seeing how bodies change while pregnant.  Well, to be absolutely honest, I prefer to see how everyone else’s body changes.  For some reason I think that mine should look absolutely normal until maybe two months before I give birth.  I know that there are some people out there who loathe belly pictures almost as much as I loathe the first trimester.  Fortunately for anyone out there who feels that way, the picture will always be at the bottom of the update.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Just don’t look.

So here are the comparative statistics and photos of the damage done by trimester number one, the second time around.

Pregnancy 1 Stats:

Weight gain: Up 2.6 pounds (started at 129)

Chest: 37, Waist: 27, Hip: 35.5, Leg: 20.5

Pictures from 12 weeks, 5 days.

Pregnancy 2 Stats:

Weight gain: Up 5 pounds (started at 127)

Chest: 36.5 , Waist: 28.5 , Hip: 36, Leg: 21.5

For the life of me I don’t get the weight gain or the larger than ever legs.  The waist I understand… I started at 25.5” the first time but it never got below 27” after Isaac was born.  I like to tell myself that my jeans aren’t fitting well because I had to buy newer smaller pants after Isaac was born, but in reality, I am just bigger.

And here is the basic gist of the last 13 weeks.

I can’t run a 6.5 minute mile anymore, I must be pregnant!  Yup, I am.  Wait, if I knew it was that easy we could have waited until after the marathon.  Why did I gain 4 pounds in three weeks when I didn’t eat enough to maintain?  I feel si-i-i-ck.  Why don’t toddlers understand that mom needs to lay on the floor all day?  No energy to clean the house.  I feel like a bad and un-fun mom.  Why am I so big?  Hey!  There’s a baby with a heart beat that’s growing in the right place.  How did I gain all this weight?  I’m so sick of trying to find outfits that don’t make people wonder if I’m pregnant.  I’m just kidding, I wanted a dog instead!  I didn’t know I could run 20 miles at once while pregnant!  I hate our health care system.  How can a person feel sick for five weeks straight?  We can hear the heartbeat now!  Why do I have to one of those people who feel sick, throw up, and still gain weight? Can I buy anti-nausea drugs from Canada online?  Hey, marathon training while pregnant is great!  I am awesome!  Oops.  Now I’m injured.  But hey, there went three pounds of water weight…  Why do my online updates tell me I’m feeling better when I just threw up?  Give. Me. Zofran.

Wow.  I just ate a vegetable.  I must be nearing the end of the first trimester.

Just kidding.  Now I feel sick again.  Can someone bring me a baked potato?

Can I be done yet?

I expect much better things in the weeks ahead.  And I’d forgotten that I have a bunch of cute maternity clothes just waiting to be filled!  Also, I determined today that I really am feeling movement a full five weeks sooner than last time!  Now that is a nice perk to be pregnant the second time around. 🙂



  1. I get to be GrannyG from the get-go this time! Yay!

  2. Congratulations on your great news! Thank you so much for writing honestly about your feelings during pregnancy. I just finished my first trimester (15 weeks), and I had a horrible time of it. Knowing that other women don’t necessarily feel all glowy is a great comfort.
    Good for you for keeping your mileage up during the first tri. I was so sick and exhausted, I was lucky to make it out the door for a short jog a few times a week, which in turn made me cranky.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences!

  3. Yay for another baby and extra yay for pregnant honesty! I will keep you and your family in my prayers as you get through the icky part (hopefully it doesn’t last much longer). When I was pregnant with Sofie I was sick from week nine to week twenty and it was awful. I learned to throw up just about everywhere. I had to keep zip lock baggies in the car because it was common for me to lose it on the way to work- can you get pulled over for throwing up while driving? My doctor prescribed Zofran which was like a miracle drug for me but the insurance people would only let me have twelve pills a month. I hated having to decide which twelve days were worthy of me being able to function. Thankfully, around week twenty, I started feeling like myself again and it was mostly smooth sailing after that.
    I’m excited to hear more updates from your round two journey!

  4. I looove seeing how other pregnant women’s bodies change too 🙂 So bring on the pictures. I hope you are feeling better and congrats again on this very exciting news! Oh, and I don’t get the weight gain in the legs (add butt and hips for me too) either! But, you look fabulous!

  5. Feeling movement already? Wow! That’s awesome!

  6. Oh my gosh – my plane is about to take off, but I just had to write CONGRATS!!! THe nausea WILL go away soon!

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to catch up soon on how your family and running and baby number 2 are doing. Hope you had a safe trip!

  7. omigoodness! Congratulations! That is stellar news. I hope the second trimester brings you that wonderful, glowy feeling.
    It’s hard to remember sometimes that one’s blog is just that! One’s very own blog… your space, on which you can write whatever you want. Go for it!

    • Thanks for both the congratulations and the reminder. Looking forward to catching up on all you’ve written soon!

  8. Ok! So I cheated on Sunday and checked your blog I just wanted to tell you congratulations! So sorry to hear about your injury! I am battling with one too so I know not being able to run is super frustrating but that is so exciting about your news! I love reading pregnancy updates and am curious to hear about how life changes with two!

    Congrats again and look forward to reading your updates!!

    • Thanks! I am definitely looking forward to getting back to reading blogs again. Happy Easter (almost)!

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