Posted by: Ingrid | April 20, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 12 (April 6, 2011)

Due Date: October 19, 2011.  194 days to go!

Weight Gain: Up 3-5 pounds.  Oddly enough, my weight dropped 3-5 pounds once I stopped running.  There you go, conclusive evidence that running makes you fat!

Symptoms:  Nausea.  So. Much. Nausea.  I keep getting pregnancy updates about how good I’m starting to feel and it’s all a lie.  I’ve felt worse this week than any of the other weeks.  Tiredness, bloating, etc.

What’s different this time: I can’t sit on the couch and read guilt free.  Also, I’m not running because of my injury, which I really hate.

Cravings/Aversions:  I mostly can stomach salty foods and tangy foods: sharp cheese and plain yogurt.  On the bad list are veggies, chicken, most protein, milk, water, sweet stuff, things with artificial sweetners.  Sometimes just about anything.

Sleep:  I have been getting a solid 8 hours a night plus naps but am now trying to follow my husband’s suggestion that I try to get even more sleep to see if that helps with the nausea.  I’m trying, but I am afraid that if I sleep more I won’t have time to exercise or get other stuff done while Isaac is asleep.

I am loving:  The fact that I have cute maternity clothes that I can wear sometime.  That my uterus is outside of the pelvic cavity, assuring me that there is growth and a reason I feel like I’m getting bigger.  That we heard the heart beat with the doppler last week.  That we will be letting people know in about a week or so and then I don’t have to worry about wearing the right thing so that my stomach doesn’t stick out.  Also excited about the prospect of feeling better in four weeks or so.

I miss:  Feeling human and running.  And my jeans fitting.

Movement:  There have been a few times I’ve thought I could feel something but I could totally be making that up.

It’s a:  Boyboyboyboyboyboyboy.  Please?

Exercise:  Cross training, abs, and weights for me this week.

Diet:  I know what I want it to look like when I’m done being sick.  That counts for something, right?

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Actually get in three days of weights this week.  Figure out how to make the bike and elliptical more interesting.

Belly Shot:


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